Turkey Burger with Tzaziki Sauce Recipe

Feel like a Greek god when eating this delicious and juicy turkey burger! This Greek turkey concoction is packed with tons of protein, flavor, low in fat, and low in carbs. Let’s not forget it also has an amazing Tzaziki sauce to go with it that is low in calories, carbs, and zero fat! Here is the recipe and I hope you all enjoy making it as much as I did!

Turkey Burger with Tzaziki Sauce Recipe

Photos by Anthony Nunez

Turkey Burgers
1 lb Extra Lean Ground Turkey
¼ cup of plain non fat Greek yogurt
1/2 cup of Jar Roasted Peppers
1/3 cup of Feta Cheese
1 Tbsp garlic powder
1 Tbsp dried oregano
Salt and pepper to taste
Boston Lettuce (substitute for burger buns)

Put the ground turkey in a large bowl and add the yogurt, garlic, oregano and mix it all together with your hands. Add a little salt and pepper after to your taste. Chop 1/2 a cup of roasted peppers and mix them into the ground turkey. Crumble up a 1/3 cup of feta cheese and again mix it into the turkey really well with your hands. After wash your hands really well and turn on your grill to medium heat. You can use an outdoor grill or an indoor grill they both work just perfectly fine. Spray your grill with non-stick spray and then begin to make turkey patties with your ground turkey mix. Place them on the grill and make sure to let them cook 6 minutes on each side until you get those perfect grill marks.

Turkey Burger with Tzaziki Sauce

How to prepare Turkey Burger with Tzaziki Sauce

Delicious Turkey Burger with Tzaziki Sauce Recipe


Yammy Turkey Burger with Tzaziki Sauce Recipe

Easy to make Turkey Burger with Tzaziki Sauce Recipe

Turkey Burger Burger with Tzaziki Sauce

Tzaziki Sauce
2 cups of non fat plain Greek yogurt
1 English cucumber
1 minced garlic clove
2 tbsp of lemon juice
½ tsp of lemon zest
1 tbsp of chopped fresh dill

Cut the English cucumber in half and grate it on a cheese grater until it is fully sliced. Grab a towel and put the grated cucumber in the middle and squeeze out all the excess water from the cucumber. Put it into a medium size bowl and then combine the rest of the ingredients and stir it until it is completely mixed. Place the sauce in the refrigerator for an hour or overnight so all the flavors can settle in well. Or you can eat it right away but I prefer it chilled.
Grab two pieces of Boston lettuce and place them next to each other. Put a turkey burger in the middle and put about two tablespoons of Tzaziki sauce on top of the burger and wrap it up. Then dig in to a moist and delicious Greek inspired Turkey burger!

Greek turkey Burger

Healthy Turkey Burger with Tzaziki Sauce Recipe Quik Snacks Turkey Burger with Tzaziki Sauce Recipe

Low Fat Turkey Burger with Tzaziki Sauce Recipe

Combine together and get this Mighty Zeus Burger!
Juicy Turkey Burger with Tzaziki Sauce Recipe
Photo Credits to Anthony Nunez from Nunez Photography http://www.nunezphoto.com/

Nutritional Information
1 4 oz Greek Turkey Burger with two slices of Boston Lettuce
154 calories
3 grams of fat
3 grams of carbs
2 grams of sugar
2 grams of fiber
30 grams of protein

Tzaziki Sauce
½ cup of sauce
40 calories
0 grams of fat
4 grams of carbs
.5 grams of fiber
3 grams of sugar
6 grams of protein

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