Totally Acceptable Ways to Wear Pink To the Office

Pink is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most loved colors for us girls and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to wear this color all the time, there are just some places where pink is just a tad too bright and a bit too out there and in-your-face-ish. The office or the workplace, for example, is not the exactly the best place to rock this girly hue since it calls for more posh and formal looks. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should eliminate pink from your work wardrobe completely. Here are some totally acceptable ways to wear pink to the office.

  • AVOID HAVING TOO MUCH GOING ON – pink is an eye catching enough color on its own so you don’t need anything more frilly and filled with froufrou when wearing one, especially to work. Keep your outfit simple when incorporating the color pink in your office outfit to avoid having too much of the street style sweet chic look and more of the professional business lady vibe.

simple pink top

simple pink trousers

  • WEAR IT WITH NEUTRALS – another good tip for wearing pink to the office without making your outfit look too casual is to wear it with the majority of the colors in your look as neutral colors. Wearing pink against neutrals and nudes will make the pink in your outfit pop out even more without really looking like you went overboard with it.

neutrals with a pop of pink neutral white top and pink skirt

  • CHOOSE MUTED SHADES – a bright neon pink coat is not something we’d advise you to wear to work but a dainty little dress in either a light rose hue or a shade of blush would be great for the office. If you really want to wear pink to work, choose a lighter and more muted shade over the brighter and more attention – grabbing ones. This will give you a more posh and sophisticated look.

soft pink dress with black belt soft shades of pink

  • OPT FOR TAILORED AND STRUCTURED PIECES – another trick to getting away with pink at the workplace is to opt for tailored and structured pieces. A posh jacket, a structured dress, a perfectly tailored pair of trousers – wearing these in pink will give your outfit the perfect balance between posh and girly without it looking too street style-ish.

structured shift dess in magenta structured pink coat

  • ACCESSORIZE WITH IT – sneak in a hint of pink in your look by wearing pink accessories instead of actually incorporating the color in your main look. This is a great way to subtly add a kick of pink to any work outfit and get away with it.

pink bag and shoes pink pussy bow

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