Top Fashion Investments for Every Age

With age comes wisdom, specifically fashion wisdom. The pieces you have rocked a decade ago might not suit you now. With that being said, it’s wise if you dressed the part with these top fashion investments for every age.


If you are still in your roaring 20’s, then make sure to consider one of the top fashion investments for this era: the slip dress. This versatile piece is something you can wear in the morning for school/ work, and rock in the evening for a night out with friends. Because of the dress’ transformative look – and your youthful penchant for shuffling from one task to another – a slip dress (or two, maybe more) is truly one of the top fashion investments for your age.

slip dress elle fanning

leather slip dress


A statement skirt is one of the top fashion investments for the working woman in her 30’s. With that being said, it is advisable that you shell out some good cash for a bevy of flattering pleated midi skirts. Apart from being ultra-trendy, a pleated midi skirt bears the length that suits all ages (specifically yours.) Most importantly, the pleated skirt is more than office-appropriate, which is very important since you are a full-time working girl now!

pleated midi skirt pleated skirt


Your age can take a toll on your figure (especially your arms,) but you need not worry about that. Instead, you can fool others into thinking that you’re still as sexy as you were a few decades ago simply by donning a bell-sleeved top. More than just flattering, a bell-sleeved top can add a kick of fashion-forward style to any look. Being the busy mom (or aunt, no pressure) that you are, a bell-sleeved top proves to be one of the top fashion investments for your age.

bell sleeve top bell sleeve outfit


Even if you are at your prime, you should know that one of the top fashion investments for your age is a cut-out shoulder piece. So why this? For one, your shoulder is one of the body parts that don’t seem to age. So even if you’re more than five decades old, you can still look stellar in a cut-out piece. Additionally, it can help you channel the right kind of sexiness – without showing too much of yourself.

cut shoulder outfit julianne moore cut shoulder outfit


The top investments for the younger ages focus on clothes. But now that you are in your 60’s, make sure to focus on your footwear – specifically that of flat slide shoes. While stilettos are still hot, these flat slides can make you look just as stunning – without causing you pain or compromising your stature.

flat slide shoes in black flat slide shoes

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