Top 10 Most Stylish Celebs Today

Celebrities always aim to look their best, no matter where they go. And who can blame them? I would want to look great, too, if I knew there would be cameras wherever I go. This is the reason why celebs make such amazing style stars. They’re a great source of fashion inspo for all of us fashion-loving ladies. Here are the top 10 hottest and most stylish celebrities of today.


  1. Victoria Beckham – the former Spice Girl turned fashion designer made a name for herself, thanks to her classy and sophisticated style which consists of clean lines and smart silhouettes. If you need fashion inspiration for your work wardrobe, Victoria Beckham’s your best bet. victoria beckham
    victoria beckham striking color combo victoria beckham multitone dress with red boots victoria beckham athleisure casual chic
  2. Blake Lively – her true fashion girl came out during her stint in Gossip Girl as Serena Van Der Woodsen and she hasn’t stopped blessing is with fabulous looks ever since! Blake Lively’s style just keeps getting better with each red carpet and paparazzi shot. She is the epitome of someone who keeps up with trends without sacrificing her own signature style.blake lively all velour outfit blake lively camel coat with gingham dress blake lively scarf skirt and dior saddle bag blake lively sweater dress with fur coat in tow
  3. Rihanna – with the success of her makeup and beauty line, it’s no wonder Rihanna’s been really good at achieving that “Girl Boss” look lately. Gone are the days of slinky, barely-there dresses. Today, you can see Rihanna in her new signature badass getup.rihanna badass athleisure bomber crop top rihanna all pink outfit to yankees game rihanna casual chic jeans and bell sleeves rihanna fenty launch baby blue outfit
  4. Millie Bobby Brown – Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown may only be 14 years old, but her style game is just as strong as her seniors. You’ll often see her wearing really strong and loud statement pieces and outfits that not a lot of teens her age could ever be able to pull off proving she’s definitely got game. millie bobby brown chic sophisticated outfit millie bobby brown outfit velour jumpskirt millie bobby brown pink coordinates millie bobby brown tassel outfit
  5. Constance Wu – many people only knew of Constance Wu after playing the lead role in one of this year’s biggest movies “Crazy Rich Asians” but if you’ve been following her for a while now, you’d know that Constance is every bit a fashion icon as all the others in this list. Her style is spunky yet feminine, edgy yet classy and definitely something we could all learn from.constance wu printed top and skirt constance wu floral dress leather boots constance wu crazy rich asians premier constance wu black mermaid dress
  6. Gal Gadot – Gal Gadot’s style is classic, simple, and chic. She’s a master when it comes to mixing “sweet girl-next-door” with “sexy goddess of your dreams” and she’s got what it takes to pull it off like nobody else can. Some say her outfits are too safe, I say they’re gadot statement pants outfit gal gadot pink suit red bodysuit outfit gal gadot floral lace dress

Which one of these stylish ladies do you look up to when it comes to fashion and style inspo?

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