Tomboy Fashion Icons to Look up to 

While the sexiest of celebrities prove to be great style icons, some tomboys show that they are great fashion inspirations as well. Get these tomboy fashion icons’ distinct looks with their trademark trends and favorite pieces.

Lauren Hutton

Model and actress Lauren Hutton is one of the finest tomboy fashion icons of all time. Although she is a staple of high-fashion magazine Vogue, Hutton likes winging it out. In fact, she never wants to waste anymore of her time in front of mirrors.

lauren hutton white button-down shirt

Although this is the case, Lauren remains impeccable with her strong sense of style. Get the cover girl’s unique look with menswear-inspired items. Think crisp button-down shirts, oversized blazers, vests, and sneaks, to name a few.

lauren hutton sneakers lauren hutton blazer

Diane Keaton

Age ain’t nothing but a number, and Diane Keaton proves that. As one of history’s best tomboy fashion icons, her eccentric style first came about in the movie “Annie Hall.” Ever since then, she has solidified her stance as one of the world’s boyishly best-dressed leading actresses.

diane keaton plaid top diane keaton houndstooth suit

Agyness Deyn

A handful of tomboy fashion icons are established models, and one of them is the risk-taker that is Agyness Deyn. Although she is often seen in precious gowns and dresses, Agyness likes ‘dressing up like a tomboy.’ Get the pixie-haired model’s look by investing in leather and everything black. Suspenders make good fashion accessories too!

agyness deyn leather jacket agyness deyn suspenders

Cara Delevingne

Another model that places high in this list of tomboy fashion icons is Cara Delevingne. Often seen in menswear, Cara’s penchant for boyish fashion stems from her childhood days. While most of the girls around her were into fashion, she was into something else. Although she is a late fashion bloomer, she maintains her tomboyish charm with her sleek suits (complete with bowties and all.)

cara delevingne blue suit cara black tux

Kristen Stewart

Best known for her role as “Bella” in the Twilight Series, Kristen has rattled the headlines with her fiery affair with her married director. But all is well now, and she is currently one of the hottest tomboy fashion icons that ladies look up to. Get the actress’ “I don’t care” style by wearing graphic shirts and leather jackets. Don’t forget to copy her tousled, out-of-bed hair!

kristen stewart reverse cap kristen stewart leather jacket kristen stewart graphic shirt

Ellen Page

Ellen wowed everybody with her hearty acting of Juno, who found herself pregnant at 16 years old. From there, her career kept soaring – together with her boyish fashion sense. Get the look of the young tomboy fashion icons such as Ellen by wearing hoodies, sleek suits, distressed jeans, caps, and hi-top sneakers.

ellen page hoodie ellen page black suit ellen page white shirt and denims

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