Tips for Wearing Wide Legged Pants

With skinny jeans and leggings dominating the fashion scene, you rarely see wide-legged pants anymore but that doesn’t means they’ve become non-existent. Some body types look their best with wide legged pants though there’s no denying that there’s always a workaround with these for other body types. If you still have a pair or two of wide legged pants stashed away in your closet or if you just straight up love them, check out these tips for wearing wide legged pants.

  • AIM FOR ELONGATION – that massive amount of fabric can really be overwhelming which is why a lot of women, especially those on the petite side, tend to steer clear of wide legged pants. However, if you just aim for elongation and create the illusion of being tall then you should be fine. You can stretch your silhouette to appear taller by wearing heels and horizontal stripes as well as by opting for high-waisted bottoms. There are lots of other styling tricks that can help you out with looking taller, too. Check out these tips on how you can look taller instantly.

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  • CUSTOMIZE IF YOU MUST – so you finally found a pair of wide legged pants that you really like style-wise and it fits perfectly around the waist, too! The only problem you have now is the length (and maybe the width of the pants’ legs). If you’re short, you might find most wide legged pants are too long and wide but don’t back out because of that. You can always have those tailored and customized to your size and height.

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  • CHOOSING COLOR AND PRINT – choosing the color and print of your wide-legged pants will depend on where and how you will be using them. If you’re looking for a pair that you can wear to the office, it’s best to stick to plain and solid colors, especially neutral ones. On the other hand, if you want something to complete your street style or casual looks, a pair in a bright colors or fun print would really look great.

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  • TRY THEM CROPPED – if you have a problem with your pants hitting the ground and being dragged around all day, why not try wide-legged cropped pants like culottes (speaking of culottes, check out how you can sport those babies here)? If you get a pair that’s the right length (it should hit you just right by the skinniest part of your legs), you’re sure to have legs for days so invest in finding the perfect pair.

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  • BALANCING OUT YOUR SILHOUETTE – one more thing to remember if you’re trying to pull off an outfit with wide legged trousers is that you have to balance out your silhouette. Now, in general, this would mean that you have to keep the rest of your outfit with a slim silhouette but for wide legged pants, you have a little more room for breaking that rule. If you have a structured wide legged pants (as in those that you would wear to the workplace), you should definitely go for a slim silhouette for the upper half part of your outfit. If your wide legged pants are slouchy and more laidback, though, you’re free to wear slightly baggy tops to go with them.

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