Tips for Wearing Sneakers with Dresses

Sneakers and dresses may not seem like a conventional pairing but when you see them both worn together in one outfit, you’ll be surprised at how well the look actually turns out to be. The combination of a dress with a pair of sneakers is perfect for summer. It’s fun, young, hip and stylish and it’s quite cute as well. To some, this may be a look that’s way out of their comfort zone but, hey, trying out something new every now and then can’t hurt, right? It may seem difficult to pull off at first but it gets easier as you learn about which styles go great with what. Here are some tips for wearing sneakers with dresses that might help you be more confident in trying this combo out yourself.

  • Keep the look laidback – the key to getting a cute look wearing a dress with a pair of sneakers is to keep the look laidback and relaxed. Don’t try too hard and don’t wear anything too structured or boxy. Instead, pick pieces that are more free-flowing with an easy, clean and casual silhouette. Sure you can always go for dresses that have a certain form / shape but make sure it’s not too dressy or fancy to be worn with sneakers.

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printed dress and workout sneakers

  • Sneakers to wear – when choosing the kind of sneakers to wear, the best styles to go for are casual, low cut ones. Mid cut sneakers work, too, but I find that low cut sneakers look best with dresses because they don’t take away much from the feminine look and feel of the dress, whatever the dress style is. Low cut sneakers are also more laidback compared to mid or high cut ones.

light gray maxi dress shirt dress and sneakers

  • Sneakers to avoid – any sneaker style that’s too bulky should not be worn with a dress because they take away that ‘free and effortless’ vibe in your look. You should also avoid wearing high cut sneakers with dresses because they tend to make your legs look shorter. Though many bold fashion divas are able to pull off wearing these, it’s best not to wear them with dresses, especially if you’re still new to the whole ‘dress and sneakers’ kind of outfit.

plain white dress and orange kicks polka dot dress and sneakers

  • Try white sneakers – still not sold on the idea of wearing dresses with sneakers? If you have mixed feelings about this look and are looking for foolproof ways to successfully pull it off, you can always wear your trusty ol’ pair of plain white sneakers. Plain white sneakers look great with just about anything and that includes even the most girly of all girly dresses.

summer striped dress and white sneakers black and white baby doll dress

  • Be bold with sneaker wedges – looking for a thrilling dress-and-sneakers kind of combo? If you’re a bold fashionista who likes to break the rules every once in a while, try wearing sneaker wedges with a dress. Athletic looking and bulky sneakers are a no-no but sneaker wedges are fine because they have that nice flirty look to them which will go well with a dress.

sneaker wedge outfit full skirt dress and sneaker wedge

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