Tips for Shopping Vintage

If you’re someone who has a unique, one of a kind taste in fashion and you love breathing new life to old pieces, shopping vintage is definitely for you. Vintage clothes are always a treasure to find. If you shop at the right place and you’re patient enough, you’ll surely find something that you will love and pick over any newer and trendier piece any day. Here are some tips for shopping vintage to help you make the most bang for your buck when you go on a spree.

  • WEAR A FITTED INNER TOP – this tip will come in handy when fitting and trying on your vintage finds. Wearing an inner top will make trying on stuff a bit more hygienic without disrupting the real fit of the item you’re trying on.

sexy silhouette vintage vibe

  • DO NOT RELY ON SIZE LABELS – today’s size labels are far different from the ones before so relying on size labels is not going to guarantee you a perfect fit. Instead, try out the pieces you find interesting. This is the best way to see how it fits.

cute black and red vintage look

  • DON’T SHY AWAY FROM PIECES THAT NEED REPAIRS – sometimes, because the pieces are old, they will require a bit of patching up here and there but don’t let that put you off. If you have at least some basic sewing skills, having to alter some areas and sew on a button or two that’s gone missing shouldn’t be a reason for you not to get that gorgeous dress or that super chic top or those jeans that make your behind look perkier.

cute vintage summer outfit vintage casual look

  • BUT DON’T BUT PIECES THAT REQUIRE TOO MUCH REPAIR – sometimes, patching up holes and tears all around a vintage piece you like just isn’t worth it. Sure, you can envision it to be something super chic and fab but do you really think it’ll turn out the way you imagine it with all those sewn in areas?

hippie vintage look vintage fashion finds

  • CHECK THE ITEM THOROUGHLY – before you purchase that gorgeous skirt or those sexy pumps, make sure to check the item thoroughly. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed later when you get home expecting a perfectly fab item and discovering that it is unusable.

cute and girly vintage dress hipster chic look

  • DOUBLE CHECK THE FASTENINGS – zippers, buttons, velcros – these are just some of the most popular fastenings when it comes to clothing items and, often, these are overlooked when people go vintage shopping. Zippers and velcros are easy to replace but buttons are trickier because vintage buttons are kind of hard to find.

vintage vest outfit rockabilly vintage looks

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