Tips for Layering Shirts and Dresses

Wearing a shirt and a dress at the same time may not make much sense to you right now but, trust me when I say that this combo is definitely worth giving a go. Layering a shirt under your dress is an easy way to add depth and dimension to your look. It’s also an easy way to keep warm while looking chic during the colder days of fall and winter. If you’re curious as to how you can pull this off, check out these tops for layering shirts and dresses.

chic lbd and shirt

chic dress with shirt

  1. TRY A BUTTON UP SHIRT OVER OR UNDER A REGULAR DRESS – one of the easiest ways to pull off the dress and shirt combo is to wear a button up shirt on top or underneath a regular dress (a casual every day dress works best). You can pass off your button up shirt as a cardigan and leave it completely open or you can also button it down if you want a slightly more polished look. Chambray / denim shirts, I find, work best for this look though a flannel shirt would be perfect for fall and a crisp white button down would be great for achieving a minimalistic vibe.button up denim layered on top of floral dress button up shirt under lbd
  2. PREPPY STYLE – whether you’re a true blue preppy girl or just want to try the style out for a change, you can easily get the look by simply layering a dress over a shirt with a collar. Ideally, you dress’s neckline should frame the collar of your shirt but if you don’t have a dress that can do this, any other dress is fine, too.preppy style polka dot dress preppy style outfit
  3. COLOR BLOCKING ILLUSION – if you want to do a color-blocking illusion with your outfit but don’t know how to start, you can opt to wear a tube-top dress layered over a shirt. It’s easy and it’s fun plus it’s super chic and will definitely elevate your look in an instant. Make sure your dress and your shirt are in contrasting colors for best dress and turtleneck top tube dress and shirt
  4. FALL AND WINTER STYLE – looking for a way to wear that dress you fell in love with last summer but can’t seem to do so because of the fall / winter weather, the easiest styling trick that you can do is to layer up your dress with a light turtle neck top underneath. It’s going to provide you with that warmth you need to conquer a cold day outdoors while also allowing you to enjoy that summer fave in the fall / winter.

turtleneck top and summer dress turtleneck top and floral dress with boots


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