Tips for Dressing Petite Figures

When it comes to fashion, there are so many things that need to be taken into consideration and one of the most important ones is your body type and built. These two together will have the most say on what will look good on you and what won’t. Just because a certain trend is all the rage doesn’t mean it will look fab on everyone. Petite women, just as any other women of other body types and built, both have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to dressing up. They have both strengths and weaknesses that, through fashion, they will want to either highlight or downplay. One of the most common issues when addressing a petite figure, though, is height. If you’re a petite girl, check out these tips for dressing petite figures better. I’m sure you’ll find a tip or two that will be useful to you.

  • Wear heels – the easiest, most common way to solve petite issues is to wear heels. Heels give you an instant boost when it comes to height and it makes your outfit look extra sexy and stylish, too! Take caution, though, as wearing them all day isn’t exactly very comfy.

fierce red heels

fun and stylish outfit

  • Avoid baggy clothes – baggy clothes are not only unpleasant to the eyes (when done wrong, that is), they can also be overwhelming for petite figures and you could end up like you got eaten by your clothes in them. It’s okay to buy clothes with a bit of an allowance that would allow you to move comfortably and would leave space for room to grow for when you pack on a few extra pounds but that’s it. Limit the ‘room’ in your clothes to just that and nothing more. If you must buy big, always buy a size bigger than your normal size max.

basic nude pumps tailored dress and blazer outfit

  • Don’t go for bulky clothes – some outfits have so many layers on they’re actually useful for packing on some volume in certain areas to balance out your look. if you’re petite, though, you may want to avoid bulky outfits and clothes in general because they tend to make you look even smaller than you already are which is the total opposite of what you’re trying to do.

simple outfit silhouette simple and chic outfit

  • Have your clothes altered when necessary – this is something that a lot of women, not just the petite ladies, do as a mistake. Sometimes you see something cute on display and you try it on and you see that it’s a little off but just because it’s cute, you buy it anyway in hopes that a bit of styling will fix the look for you. If you’re petite, you’ll want to make sure most of your clothes fit like a glove – not too big nor too small. If you find something you like but it doesn’t fit right, you can still buy it as long as you take it to a tailor to have it adjusted first. You can also adjust and sew yourself if you know how to.

beautiful dainty skirt well fitting clothes

  • Wear vertical lines – some say it’s a lie but vertical stripes actually do really work for petite women since they do well in creating an illusion of a longer silhouette. If you have a short upper torso, go for vertical striped tops. If you need some elongating on your lower half, on the other hand, vertical striped pants should get the job done. If you’re top and bottom are pretty well proportioned and you’re just really not blessed with a 5’8 physique, try wearing vertical stripes on dresses instead.

pleats and stripes stripes and blue outfit

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