The Ultimate Guide to Platform Shoes

Whether you wish to look taller or look more presentable, a great pair of shoes is an essential part of any outfit. While you may not subscribe to many fleeting trends, a pair of platform shoes can give you daring looks. Since each platform shoes will pair better with a different type of outfit, keep on reading for our ultimate guide so you’ll choose the right platforms for every occasion.

Platform Stiletto Pumps


white-sweater-with-floral-skirt-and-red-stilettos nude-platform-stilettos-with-blue-outfit

During the platform shoe boom of the disco age, the heels on platform shoes were generally thick and sturdy to support the disco dancing. Nowadays, most platform heels have pointy heel or stiletto heels. The added height in the front allows women to wear a higher heel than they might be able to if the shoe’s sole was thin as the stiletto platform pumps can be seen even in six to seven inches that can be great for clubbing, parties, and more formal occasions.

Platform Boots

sleek-coat-with-skinny-jeans-and-platform-boots transluscent-wedge-boots-with-casual-chic-outfit

Platform boots are styled after traditional boots, but have a much thicker sole and corresponding heel. Platform boots are a good alternative to traditional platform shoes for women who want more ankle support, since the boots traditionally go up to the knees or higher. A great thing, they can also be successfully paired with a shorts keep that sexy allure while also providing some coverage like fashion blogger Ndoema did, wearing her translucent platform boots with her chic outfit.

Platform Sandals

chunky-sandals-with-casual-outfit denim-skirt-with-peasant-blouse-and-platform-sandals lace-dress-woth-chunky-sandals

By adding height and lengthening the legs, platform sandals can be comfortable and stylish option for casual and formal looks. Usually made with rubber or wood for their sole, platform sandals traditionally come with a strap that can be worn the ankles for style and support. You may also go for platform sandals in a wedge style that can add some height to your frame without straining your feet.

Heelless Platforms

leggings-with-draped-white-top-and-layered-gold-necklaces-with-head-scarf gravity-shoes-with-quirky-outfit gravity-shoes-with-avant-garde-outfit gravity-heels-with-baroque-outfit

One of the more recent additions to the platform shoe spectrum is the heelless platform shoe that has been popularized by fashion icons celebrities, and performers. These shoes feature a very thick sole in the front, under the toe box of the shoe, and no heels. However, these shoes force the wearer to bear all of her weight on her toes which can cause strain in the calves, ankles, and feet. It might look fashionable and impressive but it is not recommended to be worn for long periods of time. Like fashion blogger Emilija Vaišnoraitė, you may opt for a pair of gravity shoes that can complement your baroque outfits and avant-garde looks.

With our ultimate guide, you’ll be able to pick the most comfortable and fashionable pair of platforms that will suit your lifestyle and personality.

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