The Ultimate Guide to Over-the-Knee Boots

Sexy, classy, and sophisticated, over-the-knee boots are some of the essentials every woman should have, especially if you’re living in a seasonal walking city. These chic and stylish boots look great when paired with basic outfits, as they are bold and really stand out by themselves. So, keep on reading for our ultimate guide to wearing over-the-knee-boots

Opt for the right size and height of heels.

leather top with leather skirt and thigh high boots

turtleneck dress with thigh high boots thigh-high classic boots with leather dress over the knee boots with chic dress and camel coat

As with all other boots and shoes, picking the perfect size is necessary for comfort. Some boots may be completely flat, while others may feature a stiletto heel. Flat soles are good for walking long distances, as well as wedges yet sturdy enough to walk on. Unlike other boots, over-the-knee boots restrict the range of motion of the knee. Platform boots add height throughout the whole boot instead of only at the heel, and may also have block heels or stilettos and much harder to walk on. Flat and wedge heels are better suited for the office or everyday occasions, while extremely high heels on a pair of sexy over the knee boots is best reserved for a night out with friends or a significant other.

Choose a color and design that fits your lifestyle.

chiffon shirt with thigh high boots thigh high boots with knitted dress high waist button front denim skirt with chiffon blouse and thigh high boots chunky sweater with architectural skirt and boots

Neutral colors such as black, tan, camel, gray are great options for those that want to wear their boots all season long with a variety of different ensembles. Bold colors like red, pink, or white are more stylish, yet best to pair them with classic ensembles that have neutral colors and simple styles to avoid looking over the top. Some have embellishments, studs, and zippers, and made from a range of materials, including PVC, leather, suede, and animal skin. However, boots made from shiny materials can look tacky, so it is better to stick to muted materials, such as leather or suede, for a classier look and feel.

Create an effortlessly sexy look with skinny jeans and leggings.

over the knee boots with burgundy coat thigh high boots with jeans and blazer suede over the knee boots with winter outfit

During the colder months, there is nothing more stylish than pairing skinny jeans with a pair of over-the-knee boots. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, opt for fitted jeans, especially at the thighs, so that they form one single line with the boots. Sheer leggings pair well with short skirts and dresses and even shorts, while patterned leggings provide a pop of style in otherwise simple ensembles.

Balance the sexiness of your boots with subdued outfits.

velvet over the knee boots with tweed dress pastel coat with gray boots cashmere dress with thigh high boots boots with layered outfit

Over-the-knee boots have provocative connotations, and the wrong combination of clothes and accessories can push the look into inappropriate territory. Since this style of boots is very bold and sexy, wear them with a classy outfit as pairing them with miniskirts, busy patterns, or very sexy clothing can be overkill. Generally, free-flowing hemlines work better with over-the-knee-boots than fitted ones and oversized tops counter the sleek fit of the boots, making it look more balanced. The rest of your outfit must be subdued, while a structured coat can add sophistication to the look, making it better suited for semi-formal events, such as dinner parties. Indeed, over-the-knee boots are some of the timeless investments that can serve you for a lifetime.

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