The Ultimate Guide to Ladies’ Corporate Wear

Business work uniforms or ladies’ corporate wear doesn’t have to be boring as long as you follow your office dress codes. Corporate wear like blazers, straight-leg pants, pencil skirt, and button-down shirts are off-the-rack garments you can have to create endless combinations conveniently. Whether you’re in the traditional business or corporate casual, keep on reading for our ultimate guide to ladies corporate wear.

  1. Having a pair of classic black pumps is the most timeless investment you can have.

black coat with classic pumps

black pumps with leather trousers and striped blouse black pumps with burgundy skirt and tweed coat

Generally, conservative offices require their ladies to wear a pair of classic black pumps with comfortable heels. Open-toe sandals and peep-toe shoes are considered informal, so always opt for a closed style. Though some offices allow women to wear printed pumps and even colored ones, resorting to black will give you a sense of professionalism while keeping it versatile to match any of your outfit, even off-duties look. So, feel free to go for stiletto or kitten-heeled black pumps to add some poise and elegance to your office look.

  1. Resort to a business suit of a blazer and straight-leg pants in formal settings.

animal print suit with brightly colored blouse tuxedo blazer with suit and white top classic corporate outfit with black pumps black pumps with leather trousers and suit blazer

A business suit of a blazer and straight leg-pants are the common style in the conservative offices, though you may sometimes trade them with a pencil skirt or even a pair of leather trousers when your office allows it. Like fashion blogger Lara Caspari, you may go for a pair of skinny or straight-leg pants made from leather, but don’t go overboard in slouchy and joggers styles. Instead, keep everything corporate and sleek by going for a button-down shirt and a crisp blazer to dress up your leather trousers. Sometimes, you may go for printed matching set of blazers and pants depending on your office setting.

  1. Top your feminine dresses with a chic blazer.

black dress with black blazer pink dress with white blazer olive green dress with blazer black dress with blazer

Knee-length dresses or below-the-knees dresses are ideal choices for a corporate wear. However, be mindful of your neckline and sleeve cuts. Just in case you’re unsure whether your dress looks modest or not, simply top it off with a chic blazer to keep everything polished, conservative, and modest, perfect for the office setting.

  1. You could never go wrong in a white button-down shirt.

white button down shirt with black accordion skirt white button down shirt with turquoise lace skirt white button down shirt with striped skirt white button down shirt with dress pants

Though chiffon blouses are great for a feminine look in the office, white button-down shirts are versatile enough to match any of your bottoms at the same time easy to dress up with accessories. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may think of wearing an elegant necklace under your collars, or even a brooch or belt to spice it up. Being plain and simple on your top piece may allow you to wear prints on your skirt or pants in a decent way.

  1. Apart from coats, resort to a chic sweater on chilly days.

herringbone sweater with skirt pink cropped sweater with straight leg pants mustard sweater with straight leg pants

If you think classic trench coats and wool coats are too much, simply opt for a well-tailored sweater appropriate for the office. Oversized, chunky, and sloppy sweaters are out of the equation, so have at least one piece in a neutral shade that you can wear with any of your outfit, preferably with a button-down shirt underneath.

  1. Wear prints and patterns in moderation.

checkered pink top with blazer striped blouse with skirt and blazer polka dots top with all white outfit

Patterns and prints are one of the creative designs you may incorporate into your corporate look to add some life and personality to it. However, this will depend on your office setting as some formal offices required plain neutral shades of black, white, gray, and navy, so be careful on breaking these rules. Traditionally, black-and-white stripes, classic houndstooth, checks, and polka dots are allowed as long as they have the good sense of color combinations. Going for unexpected color combinations and flashy prints must be avoided, though it will still depend on your office rules.

  1. Go casual-chic in dressy culottes and trousers.

dress pants with vest and tank top culottes with printed blazer and tank top culottes with lace blouse and loafers

For your casual Fridays, you may go creative by trading your corporate straight-leg pants with a pair of dressy trousers or even culottes. However, keep everything sleek, smart, and polished so you’ll maintain a professional image in the office that would help you advance in your career.

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