The Ultimate Guide to Bohemian Chic Style

Carefree, traditional, and wild, bohemian style is one of the most expressive looks you may go for that will keep your breezy-chic. Though the look was known for ethnic and gypsy style, you can actually make the fashion style work for you by incorporating some modern and sophisticated touches, therefore making it look chic. So, keep on reading for the ultimate guide to bohemian chic style.

Dress up your outfits with ethnic and bohemian accessories.

boho chic dress with tribal necklace

tribal blanket scarf with fringed bagtie dye romper with tribal necklace paisley turban scarf with boho chic outfit

The bohemian fashion style borrows from all cultures, and the aesthetic is reminiscent of the nomadic Gypsy style since they bought and traded throughout their lives in the various cities. Accessories are also a great way to start small to add a bohemian vibe. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you may start with a tribal necklace that elevates your outfit to a new level, while keeping it as a reflection of who you are.   Ethnic belts, jewelry, and bags are all great ways to get the look in a less committed sort of way.

Play with your fabric textures to create rustic look.

culottes with chunky sweater white blouse with suede skirt tweed blazer with free flowing outfit lace dress with denim jacket

Bohemian fashion is known for ethnic, traditional, and native textures like suede, tweed, crochet, and lace that you may go for when selecting for bohemian-inspired outfits. Think about hard and soft elements, sheer and opaque, smooth, and textured.  Just play with earthy palettes and some bold colors to make your bohemian outfit chic and interesting. Bohemian flair is about combining the unexpected look that gives you freedom to experiment.

Embrace free-flowing silhouettes and creative layers.

chic shirtdress with sandalsfloral print high low dress with ripped jeanspeasant dress with ankle bootswhite outfit with jacet

Instead of resorting to a free-flowing stand-alone piece, start thinking about your basic pieces as layering pieces to recreate bohemian silhouettes, while maximizing your wardrobe. You may start going for a chic item because it has “good sleeves”, “interesting neckline”, or a “tiered hemline”. Since the bohemian style relies more heavily on a combination of extremes like wearing a billowy dress juxtaposed with ripped jeans, or body con slips with see-thru peasant dresses, be creative wearing your pieces by highlighting the assets of each piece. To achieve a truly inspired bohemian look, you need to think about your garments in a completely different way.

Be creative with artisan details or bohemian patterns.

boho dress with lace up sandals boho chic outfit with gladiators

Looking for vintage, completely crocheted, or wearable art piece, will make your bohemian style more artistic as they scream bohemian-chic without any help at all. Anything with contrast hand stitching, embroidery, crochet, knit, or adorable lace gives that bohemian vibe. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, you may opt for an artisan detailed blouse and a skirt that will look perfect with your gladiator sandals, and modern structured bag. This way, you’ll make the bohemian fashion style chic and modern that will flatter your personality and street looks.

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