The Ultimate Guide for T-shirt Collection

Even the most adventurous dressers among us would agree that nothing compares to the ease and comfort that come with wearing a t-shirt. Handy, effortless, and cool, t-shirt can be a lifetime investment that you can wear to create multiple styles in your street looks. To help figure out the ideal tee collection and how to style them, keep on reading for our ultimate guide for your t-shirt collection.

Plain White Tee

white tee with accordion miniskirt

white tee with skinny jeans white tee with flared jeans white tee with chambray blazer and jeans -white-tee-with-brightly-colored-blazer-and-jeans

You may give your crewneck a break, and resort to a V-neck tee that’s universally flattering and sleek. When going for your plain tee, opt for smooth fabric and low on the neckline so you’ll feel light, natural, and comfortable with them. You may opt for oversized fits of V-necks, but fitted ones are perfect for you if you’re aiming for a classy yet simple looks on your street style. Like Kristina Bazan, go dressy on your street looks by wearing your plain tee with a black miniskirt or go casual-chic by topping it off with a chic blazer and distressed jeans like Micah Gianneli did.

Striped Tee

striped tee with jeans and coat striped tee with vintage coat and jeans striped tee with nautical shorts striped tee with vintage skirt striped tee with orage top and jeans

A striped tee, especially those Breton stripes, screams nautical-chic but don’t be afraid of exploring new pairings with them. Take it back to the ’90s by pairing your white striped shirt with a vintage coat and faded jeans like Jane Aldridge did. Or, wear it with a trench coat or structured blazer for a modern look. These subtle styling tricks totally differentiate the looks from a classic jeans and tee combo.

Statement Tee

statement shirt with checkered top and jeans statement shirt with tuxedo coat statement shirt with skirt statement-shirt-with-skinny-pants statement shirt with embellished skirt

Whether you’re a fan of specific brand or funky statement, statement tees can be dressed up or down depending on your taste. To make a statement tee feel more elevated, wear it with a pair of straight leg pants and tuxedo coat, or keep it sleek with a pair of black leather trousers. Or, channel your inner grunge, bohemian, or rock-chic vibe by wearing it with edgy ensembles and ripped jeans.

Graphic Tee

graphic shirt with floral pants striped athletic pants with casual tee graphic shirt with white jeans graphic shirt with urban outfit graphic-shirt-with-tuxedo-blazer-and-leather-joggers graphic shirt with modern boho outfit graphic shirt with jeans and striped shirt

Graphic tees tend to fade out depending on how you handle them. So, lengthen its lifespan by washing but never drying them just to keep them in good condition. Floral print tops are great to wear with white jeans while graphic tops look edgier with denim and leather jackets that scream urban. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, think of wearing your graphic tops with leather joggers and tuxedo blazer to create an edgy yet modern style.

Gray or Metallic Silver Tee

metallic silver tee with crochet shorts -leather-crop-top-with-gray-tee-and-shorts gray tee with leather skirt gray tee with denim and leather jacket

Gray tees typically complement pastel and other shades compared to black and white ones. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, you may think of wearing your gray tee with a brown leather skirt that looks modern and chic. Or, simply opt for a metallic silver tee and a pair of crochet shorts perfect for a girl’s night look like Kristina Bazan did.

With our ultimate guide for the t-shirt collection, you’ll now create multiple looks with your basic tees while giving you enough knowledge on what pieces to splurge on that will give you timeless benefits.

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