The Rules of Oversized Dressing

Cozy and cool-looking, oversized dressing can be challenging to look polished, feminine, and pretty. Being good at wearing oversized clothing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy all your clothes two sizes bigger. It just implies understanding where you can go big or where you should pare back at the same time balancing an exaggerated shape with something else. Keep on reading to stay fashionable when wearing the oversized trend.

Oversized Sweater

culottes with oversized sweater and culottes

oversized white sweater with skirt oversized turtleneck sweater with ripped jeans oversized sweater with skirt oversized sweater with pencil skirt

When wearing oversized sweater, go big on the neckline, length, and width, but it has to fit on the sleeve width to keep it look polished and sleek. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, think of pairing your oversized sweater with a roomy-but-not-slouchy pair of shorts to keep your looks balanced. Have your oversized sweaters altered to fit your wrist while keeping it roomy on your neckline and shoulders. Or, you may resort to banded cuffs, so you can fit them on your wrist. Also, you may think of a flippy skirt and a peek-a-boo shirt to team with your oversized sweater.

Oversized Vest

oversized vest with fitted dress and sexy boots

When wearing an oversized vest, go big on the length, collars, and even armholes, but it has to fit on your chest. Like fashion blogger Olivia Kijo, you may wear your oversized vest with a fitted dress and stiletto ankle boots to give some structure to your sloppy piece. Also, it pairs best with long, streamlined pants or a skirt that will balance the billowy structure and oversized silhouette of your vest.

Oversized Blazer

oversized blazer with culottes oversized cobalt blue blazer with skinny pants

When wearing an oversized blazer, go big at the length of the blazer and sleeves and the width of the lapels, but it needs to fit the shoulders. Like street style star Miroslava Duma, you may go for a matching set of blazer and culottes, but don’t go oversized on your bottom piece. A pair of well tailored culottes will give some relaxed vibe to your looks, complementing your oversized top without looking overly structured. Also, it pairs best with a low-cut camisole and tall shoes.

Oversized Coat

cuffed jeans with oversized mustard coat oversized pink coat with casual outfit oversized coat with structured bag oversized coat with socks and sandals oversized coat with casual outfit

When wearing oversized coat, go big on the pockets, length, and boxiness of the coat, but it needs to fit on the sleeves. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may simply opt for a structured and boxy coat that can dress up your cuffed jeans while keeping it trendy and cool. If your coat’s sleeves are too long, you may roll them up a bit creating a puffy look on your sleeves, therefore, making your oversized style more intentional. Also, your oversized coat pairs best with feminine basics and high-waist bottoms.

Oversized Button-Down Shirt

oversized button down shirt with jeans oversized button down shirt with skirt

When wearing oversized shirt, you may go big everywhere but it needs to fit on the shoulders. Pairing them with high waist trousers, skirt, or shorts while being fitted on your waist will create enough volume to flatter your skinny frame. It also pairs best with prim separates like a pair of tailored pants or a feminine skirt.

Oversized Dress

oversized dress with jeans

When wearing an oversized dress, go big at the length, skirt, pattern, and sleeves, but it needs to fit on the neckline while shoulders need to fit to a T. Wearing belt with oversized dresses doesn’t work all the time as tying a belt will only create a bulky silhouette on the back, sides, and front areas making you look sloppy and unsightly. Also, oversized dress pairs best with skinny jeans, tall shoes, and modern accessories.

Oversized Trousers

oversized top with flared pants

When going for oversized trousers, go big on the width of the legs, but it needs to fit the crotch and waistband. Though wearing tank tops and fitted shirt with your oversized trousers can be great, you may also consider wearing a dress as a top to look more fashion-forward while hiding the unwanted fit of the oversized silhouette fit on your rear. Also, it pairs best with foot-exposing shoes, like a single-sole pump or strappy sandals.

Oversized Shawl

oversized scarf with navy outfit

Oversized shawls and scarves know no rules as they can always be altered to your own preference. Whether you wish to wrap them on your neck, belt them with your outfit, or do creative knots with them, always keep the balance and proportion to your looks to make your style incredibly stylish and chic.

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