The Most Stylish Royals Today

A few weeks ago, news broke of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is no longer the most stylish royal and while it may not seem like big news to the world in general, it sure is for us fashionistas who have followed her and admired her royal fashion sense all these years. So, who is the royal who dethroned the Duchess from being Fashion Queen? It’s no other than Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. She takes the title with her love for Valentino Rock Stud heels and penchant for anything Max Mara. If you’re curious about other royalty’s style and fashion sense, check out this list of the most stylish royals today.

  • CROWN PRINCESS MARY OF DENMARK – as mentioned earlier, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark stole the title of being the Most Fashionable Royal away from Kate Middleton for the second time this year and she has Valentino and Max Mara to thank. Her style is very modern, elegant, sophisticated but never over the top – this is the perfect way to describe her style. Soft and feminine, the Crown Princess’s style is a solid embodiment of the timeless classics with a bit of a modern twist.

denmark princess floral dress

denmark princess mary posh outfit denmark princess mary denmark princess black and white outfit

  • QUEEN MAXIMA OF THE NETHERLANDS – Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is the epitome of a fairytale princess. Her style is exquisite, ethereal and classic. She is often photographed in dreamy ball gowns and elaborately designed dresses but her street style fashion sense is just as good.

queen maxima in orange queen maxima of the netherlands queen maxima posh outfit queen maxima

  • KATE MIDDLETON – of course, the Duchess is still on this list because we will never stop loving her budget-friendly style and sophisticated looks. Kate Middleton proved to us that you can look good with even budget-friendly clothing as long as you own it and, of course, accessorize correctly.

kate middleton casual outfit kate middleton gorgeous gown

kate middleton lacy dress kate middleton outfit

  • PRINCESS LETIZIA OF SPAIN – being a journalist who worked as a news anchor, Princess Letizia knows how to keep up with the trends but also knows how far a few classics and basics could take you. Her style is minimalistic, chic and always has that professional vibe to it.

princess letizia chic princess letizia lacey outfit princess letizia outfit princesss letizia black and white look

  • ELISABETH VON THURN UND TAXIS – this German princess who is often called TNT sure knows how to drop a fashion bomb. Princess Elisabeth has worked as an editor at large for Vogue where she wrote about the hottest trends which she so effortlessly sports herself.

elisabeth von thurn und taxis fur coat elisabeth von thurn und taxis street style outfit elisabeth von thurn und taxis white and florals elisabeth von thurn und taxis

  • PRINCESS CHARLENE OF MONACO – former Olympic swimmer and now Princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock, has a very polished and chic style. Monotone hues, simple sheaths and streamline silhouettes are what you would mostly find in Princess Charlene’s wardrobe.

monaco-princess-charlene-pink-dress.jpg monaco princess charlene monaco princess for vogue japan monaco princess


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