The Best Skirts for Every Height

Height is might they say, but the fact of the matter is we can’t all be as tall as Taylor Swift. Whatever height you possess – know that you can still rock the hottest skirts of today by minding the best cuts for your stature. Look your best whenever you feel girly by considering these best skirts for every height.


If you stand under 5’3, worry not as you can still wear the best skirts for every height. In fact, one of the finest styles for your stature is the A-line mini skirt. Its high-waisted nature makes you look taller, while the flaring of the skirt makes your legs look leaner.

petite mini a-line skirt

Another one of the best skirts for every height is the envelope skirt. Whatever hemline you choose, it can instantly elongate your legs because of its diagonal edges.

petite envelope skirt

A slit skirt is another one of the best skirts for every height, especially for petites. This is especially the case if you like long skirts. The slit, after all, shows some leg – so you don’t end up swimming in textile.

slit skirt


If your height stands anywhere from 5’3 to 5’7, you are lucky enough because you can wear the best skirts for every height. If you love pencil skirts, choose one with a midi length as it can give you an hourglass figure right away.

average midi pencil skirt
Want to show more leg? Then opt for a knee-length A-line skirt, as this provides the perfect proportion for your height.

average a-line skirt

However, if you want to hike up your skirt a wee bit higher (literally,) one of the best styles for every height is a fluted hem mini skirt. Its gam-baring style can flatter your body and lengthen your legs all at the same time.

fluted hem skirt


Standing 5’7 or higher? Lucky you, as you can pull any skirt off. However, if you want to achieve a stunning look, then one of the best skirts for every height is a flowy midi skirt. This style is especially chic, now that spring is right around the corner.

tall midi skirt tall pink midi skirt
Whilst others look drowning in fabric, a tall lady like you can pull off a maxi skirt like it’s nobody’s business! Truly stylish, a maxi skirt is the perfect choice for the cold weather, as it offers maximum leg coverage. Additionally, it’s the best piece to have if you’re opting for a boho chic look. Although you’re towering over everybody else, know that there’s no harm in wearing kitten heels with your maxi skirt.

tall maxi skirttall sequin maxi skirt

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