The Best Looks to Copy from Revenge

After the last season of Gossip Girl ended, I found myself looking for more shows to watch on TV. You see, I don’t usually watch TV shows, especially the series ones, but I took a liking to them recently because I enjoyed seeing so many gorgeous looks from shows like Gossip Girl and Scandal. One of the most recent shows that I’ve been loving is Revenge and if you watch it, I’m sure you’re in love with the fashion in this show, too. Here are some of the best looks to copy from Revenge. Check them out and be inspired.

  • EMILY’S HAMPTONS-INSPIRED LOOK – who could ever forget this gorgeous look Emily wore in Season 4? The dress with the bold ruffle detail and the oversized wide brim hat that she wore along with it just screamed sophistication. This look is a perfect outfit to wear to a weekend at the Hamptons.

emily hampton s4

  • VICTORIA’S SEASON 3 FINALE COAT – remember watching the Season 3 finale? Well, I couldn’t forget that particular scene where Victoria and Emily has a confrontation at the graveyard and it wasn’t because of the intensity of the scene but because I really liked Victoria’s gorgeous coat. The coat had a gradient-like detail design on it and was cinched by the waist with a leather belt – a look that anyone could easily pull off for a cold winter night.

victoria s3 finale

  • LOUISE’S SOUTHERN BELL LOOK – Louise looked very much like a Southern bell in this floral print bustier dress that she wore to the Hamptons in Season 4. A simple chain link bracelet and a two-tone leather purse gave this sexy look a sophisticated twist.

louise bustier dress

  • VICTORIA’S SCENIC DRESS – this metallic dress with a scenic print design really made Victoria look extra feminine and ultra chic. I love how she accessorized the look with an edgy black statement necklace, too.

victoria scenic dress

  • EMILY’S COCKTAIL DRESS – boy, that dress sure made us look forward to cocktail hour! Emily’s black mini dress with intricate beaded details looked perfect paired up with those simple black high heeled sandals and black mini clutch.

emily cocktail dress

  • VICTORIA’S STREET SMART DRESS – now that looks like an outfit Amal Clooney would wear when she’s not in her suits. This flared dress on Victoria is perfect for lazy afternoons and we just love how easy but chic it is.

victoria street smart dress

  • CHARLOTTE’S BLACK AND WHITE ENSEMBLE – Charlotte’s known for being the risky one in the show but this black and white ensemble with gold accents shows us that the risks she takes sure do pay off beautifully.


  • EMILY’S EASY SUMMER LOOK – this look from Emily got us looking forward to summer even more. The denim shirt and white shorts really has that effortless chic look and feel to it that anyone can easily achieve.

emily easy summer look

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