The Best Colors for Office Wear

What you might do at the office may be tedious or laborious, but it does not mean that you should treat your work fashion with contempt. Impress your co-workers – and catch the eye of many – with these best colors for office wear.


Look sophisticated – slimmer even – with the color black. This simple hue is a traditional color that you can take from work to play. Although black is a classic color, your black work outfits should be anything but boring. Choose different textures or bold black designs for a stylish work attire.

white top and black skirt

striped top and black pants


At the polar opposite of black is the pristine white. This clean, immaculate color is office-recommended, as it makes you look crisp and modish. What’s great about this color is that it looks stunning with the other work wear colors. Just mind food spills whenever you are in white garb!

white pants
green turtleneck and white skirt


When it comes to neutral colors, nothing comes close to the fashion power of beige. This tame color is sure to make you look classy and professional. When it comes to wearing beige at the office, the key is not to go all-out with the color. Use key pieces in beige, and work your outfit from there. Since beige looks great with most hues, you are sure to create an empowering outfit with this base color.

gray top and beige skirt beige top and yellow skirt

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a classic color for the office. Although it’s a bit too traditional for most, it conveys the emotions of confidence, loyalty and stability. If you are a go-getter – or if you like being in charge – then this color is for you.

navy blue outfit navy blue blazer and blue pants


If you like neutral colors, then you’ll adore wearing brown in the office. Although it might look bland, you can easily spruce up a brown work outfit with good jewelry or jewel-toned heels.

white top and brown skirt white trenchcoat and brown pants


If you want to make heads turn, then gear up in red office wear. This fiery color is not only the color of love, it signifies leadership, confidence and boldness as well. Show that you have got what it takes to reach the top by concocting a classy red attire for the office.

red a-line skirt red dress black sweater and red pants

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