The Art of Wearing Oxfords and Brogues

Originally worn as men’s shoes, the brogues and oxfords are breaking through women’s footwear. So, if you are striving to create the image of a cool girl with masculine vibes, these shoes are highly versatile and universal for almost all the styles, accessories, and clothing combinations. Keep on scrolling to our style lessons on how to wear brogues and oxford shoes to create drop-dead gorgeous outfits.

Before knowing how to style your fashionable shoes, let’s clear the confusion between brogues and oxfords first. Somewhere down the line, people just started assuming that any lace-up shoe was a brogue. That’s just not the case. Brogues are recognized by decorative patterns along the toe and along the edges of the shoe’s piecing that is called “brogue”. Moreover, brogues are classified as full brogues when the cap of the shoe forms a design which looks like a “W”. Some are semi-brogues, quarter brogues, and long wing brogues. On the other hand, oxfords are named for their closure or the shoelace eyelets sewn underneath and are plain on the cap. Now, this is where things get a little confusing. You see, a pair of oxford shoes isn’t always a brogue, but it can be. If you have a pair of oxford shoes, it can have “brogues” on it and therefore, earn brogue status. Therefore, not all brogues are oxfords, not all oxfords are brogues, for that reason, oxfords and brogues are not the same.

denim black shorts

denim jeans with hat denim jeans denim vest

For cool street style looks, brogues and oxfords are best matched with denim items. The looks are most often formed with denim shorts, skirts or jeans and finished off with laid back pieces like denim vests, shirts, cardigan, and a jacket. As for the selection of jeans, they can be a skinny fitting type or straight option, but as a guideline they are shortened or cuffed like the boyfriend jeans in order to display the ankles. Sometimes you can also spice up the looks with a hat and you may also wear tights underneath the shorts.

blue suit borrowed from boys outfit red scarf

One of the coolest styles for the brogues and oxfords is to wear it like the guys. So, don’t be hesitant of picking boyfriend blazers, suit, or jeans for daring and revolting style stating looks. You may tone down the masculine feel by picking some feminine details and pieces. Go for the usual feminine accessories like fedora hats, clutch, handbags, and scarves. Experimenting with the masculine details for the creation of feminine looks is always tough but great.

dress with oxfords dressy shorts maxi white skirt pink oxfords tulip skirt with oxfords

Matching the brogues or oxfords with feminine skirts, dressy shorts, dresses, and coats is another unfailing formula of stunning looks. Selecting them for combinations with evening dresses is a crazy yet awesome thing you may do. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the brogues or oxford shoes you choose need to be smart and glamorous. This dressy style will also accentuate your ladylike personality and help you go bold and crazy a bit.

tartan pants tartan coat stripes top polkadots jumpduit

Again thinking over some classic designs, you may also match feminine brogues and oxfords with classic patterns such as stripes, houndstooth, checks, tartans, polka dots, and plaids.

So, take pleasure in the comeback of these cozy and stylish footwear options and master the art of wearing brogues and oxford shoes!


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