The 5 Sponges You Need in Your Beauty Routine

Ever since the Beauty Blender was launched, our beauty routines have never been the same. This innovative product, though small and simple, has been helping a lot of women achieve the perfect makeup look all day, every single day. Before the Beauty Blender, though, there were quite a lot of brushes that the pros considered their secret weapon in creating a flawless look. Interested? Check out these sponges that every girl needs in her beauty routine.

  1. Wedge sponge – this is perhaps one of the most common beauty sponges you’ll see in beauty supply stores and makeup stores out there. These are usually very cheap and are sold in bulk. You can use these for almost anything, from foundation to concealer, cream blushes and contours, and even on your nails.wedge-sponge
  2. Blotterazzi – say goodbye to oil and shine with another innovative product from the makers of the Beauty Blender. The Blotterazzi is the angel sent from up above to the combo to oily makeup enthusiasts out there who are tired of burning a hole in their pockets buying disposable blotting paper. It’s shaped like the iconic Beauty Blender, except that it’s flat, and it comes with a case, too, so you can touch up on the go.blotterazzi matte-makeup-look
  3. Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator – this device made waves when it was first released, simply because there was nothing like it at the time, It’s a foundation sponge attached to a pulsating device that helps you get more even, streak-free coverage. It’s a cool makeup tool, especially for those who love trying out beauty gadgets, and it works quite well, too.color-me-foundation-applicator simple-and-natural-makeup
  4. The Sponge Brush – I’ve seen these all over the internet marketplace and, quite frankly, we’re intrigued. The idea of having a sponge attached to a brush wand is curious. I’ve seen a few tutorials featuring sponge brushes, and they’re amazing. Talk about getting the best of both worlds! It’s also great for avoiding messy, damp fingers when using the sponge wet.sponge-brushes smooth-and-perfect-makeup
  5. Flocked sponge – a flocked sponge is the most ideal sponge for applying mineral makeup. You can also use it when baking your face since the fine sponge hairs are able to hold more product and deposit them on the skin. It’s perfect for those who want to get fuller coverage while using mineral foundation. There are a few brands that have this kind of sponge, though perhaps the one from Jane Iredale is the most popular because it is edge-free which means there will be no harsh lines left on your face.flocked-sponge flawless-face-makeup


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