The 5 Basics To Wearing Your Boyfriend’s Clothes

For the fellas out there that may be reading this, nothing sucks more than your favorite hoodie disappearing for like, ever. It’s especially hard when all your girlfriend seems to do is borrow your hoodie, wear your t-shirts, and even start wearing your plaid long-sleeved polo shirts as dresses. But you love us anyway, and there’s no denying that style. We’re working your threads for you, and the least you can do is take our #ootd for us…pretty please? *insert kisses* At least you know you’re getting the most bang for your buck by dressing not just yourself, but you’re significant other too! To help you navigate through the uncharted waters of your boyfriend’s closet, here are the 5 basics to wearing your boyfriend’s clothes:

how to wear your boyrfriends clothes

1. Nothing is ever “over-sized”

sexy oversized tee

If it’s big and it’s plaid, we want it. When it comes to your boyfriend’s clothes, nothing’s ever too big! You can pair off a plaid number with a pair of cute shorts, or you can wear this look with a sexy pair of skinny jeans. The i-got-this-from-my-boyfriend look is all about sexy, effortless, easy style, which is exactly why we love shopping in their closets and wearing their clothes!

The Kardashian-Jenners know what’s down. Check out Khloe and Kylie work the boyfriend style in their super cute matching outfits. #onfleek

how to wear boyfriend shirt

Another fashion favorite would be the denim chambray shirts and jackets that have been a staple for years. The denim chambray is timeless. Work the top with either skinny jeans, shorts, or a skirt as this look is more versatile and denim is friendlier with other colors and textures.


2. The white button down, a.k.a as the mother of all boyfriend shirt, is your best friend


It’s the look that has been turning boys to men since the first time a woman decided to role out of bed wearing nothing but her man’s white button down. History as we know it. The ensemble of white button down + skinny jeans (ripped, dark, or otherwise) + heels = #ootd on lock down. Elegant, sophisticated, and incredibly easy. You could wear this look once a week and it wouldn’t be a crime!

3. His sweaters over any of your button downs or collared shirts will always be magic


Alexa Chung can do no wrong, and neither can this ensemble of preppy-meets-dainty. Whether you choose to pair your button down and sweater combination with a skirt or a pair of skinny jeans, the look still gets you an A+++.  But don’t stop there, you can even top your button down with a form-fitting cardigan for another spectacle of effortless glam.

Here’s how it looks like on jeans:

effortless boyfriend style tips

A great sweater or cardigan makes all the difference!

5 basic tips to wearing your boyfriend's clothes

4. Boyfriend blazers add a touch of sexy professionalism instantly

boyfriend blazer

Perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to put in too much effort to look polished  but still look amazing. The boyfriend blazer does wonders and looks especially amazing with your favorite pair of tight pants. Shorts and skirts look just as amazing, but nothing beats a feminine top and your blazer paired off with some dark jeans and some heels.

5. This post wouldn’t be complete without those Boyfriend Jeans!


Whether shredded or extra baggy, boyfriend jeans have been everywhere lately. Borrowing your boyfriend’s jeans is most probably the trickiest, it’s harder to work jeans than you do tops. If not even your belt can tame them, then we suggest you buy a pair of men’s jeans that fit you better. To make the look work, pair off the jeans with a nicely cut or feminine top, paired off with your favorite accessories.

Or you know, you could always just…

boyfriend hoodie how to




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