Tanya of Tini-Tani: Creative Ways to Look Artistic on Your Street Style

Being artistic and creative on our street style may seem challenging to some of us. So, we often seek inspirations from stylish fashion bloggers and get some cue on their looks. Known for her artistic, colorful, and creative street style, Tanya of Tini-Tani blog expresses her quirky personality and playful vibe through the clothes she’s wearing. According to her, in Kazan Russia for where the weather can sometimes be s be -31˚C makes her more creative exploring different styles and colors of her clothes.

classic outfit with cute clutch

cute animal print shoes with structured outfit cute headband with casual cool outfit metallic silver shirtdress with statement shoes statement heels with casual chic outfit

Like Tanya, you may start being creative in your street style by investing in artistic accessories to incorporate with your typical outfit. Whether it’s a clutch, shoes, scarf, sunglasses, headband, or belt, accessories can make or break your outfit. If you feel too boxy or structured on your outfit, why not go for a cute pair of pumps in a bright color like Tanya did. Channeling your playful vibe can be tricky, but Tanya just wore a colorful headband with her casual cool outfit and she instantly made her outfit artistic with personality. Like her, opt for accessories that define your personality and fashion sense.

classic outfit with structured bag emerald green maxi dress with belt quirky outfit with bow headband vintage outfit with classic shoes

Classic, vintage, and retro outfit can still look artistic when worn creatively. Like Tanya, she opted for an emerald green maxi dress and styled it by creatively knotting a belt and matching a pair of trendy shoes with it. If you feel pussy bow style of blouses and dresses too vintage for the current times, make it look artistic like Tanya did. You may play with colors like wearing an olive green dress with orange tights that can make the look quirky at the same time artistic. Feel free to wear unexpected color combinations to create the most creative style you’ve never tried before.

cute graphic top with palazzo pants graphic matching set with heels novelty shirt with jeans novelty skirt with sweater quirky dress with blazer and sneakers quirky dress with denim jacket quirky winter outfit with sneakers

Wearing novelty prints whether in a skirt, dress, shorts, shirt, or pants is Tanya’s way of expressing her quirky personality. Look for quirky prints that define your personality whether you have an eye for exotic flowers, pets, holidays, sceneries, cartoon characters, or food, wearing graphic prints in your outfit showcases your bold style and playful vibe. When wearing novelty prints, keep the rest of your outfit simple and muted, as clashing them with other bold colors or busy prints will only make your outfit dull and uninteresting.

floral dress with classic pumps maxi skirt with denim shirt zebra print top with skirt and structured clutch

If you don’t have the courage to wear novelty prints, you may still opt for more subdued and classic prints like floral, polka dots, stripes, checks, houndstooth, chevron and such on your ensembles. Since these prints are simpler, you may show off your print mixing skills or simply wear different prints on your outfit and accessories like Tanya did.

tulle skirt with casual top silk skirt with knitted sweater chiffon top with denim shorts cashmere cardigan with lace dress

If you’re not a fan of prints and colors, you may still look artistic by contrasting different fabrics on your outfit. When wearing pastel shades, Tanya keeps the interest going in her outfit by wearing different fabrics like cashmere with lace, denim with chiffon, silk with wool and such. Though denim-on-denim and leather-on-leather are trendy styles nowadays, you can still create the most create and stylish look by contrasting different fabrics of your choice. Like Tanya, be creative and artistic on your street style to become an inspiration for many fashion savvy women around the globe.

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