Tam of Hello Framboise: Styling Tricks to Elongate Your Short Legs

You can be an average height woman or petite, but your short legs may be the cause of a lot of sartorial and confidence issues for you. So, if you weren’t blessed with mile long legs and can’t imagine resorting to a sky-scraping stiletto, use some tricks to give the illusion of longer legs. The best part about using styling tricks, if you know what to wear, you can instantly add a few inches to your legs visually and make it seem longer than they are. Let’s have an inspiration from a petite style blogger.

At 4 feet 11 inches in height, Tam is a lawyer and fashion blogger from Colorado that inspires her fellow petite women to style themselves in the most flattering way. In her blog, Hello Framboise, she shares her styling tricks, personal style, and fashion taste on how she gets through her life in a fashionable way even she hasn’t got the ideal height. If you got some issues like Tam, keep on reading to be inspired by her styling tricks.

nude heels

nude pumps wedge sandals

The easiest and instant way to add some inches to your height is to wear the proper shoes. Whether you’re comfortable or not, stilettos, kitten heels, block heels, or wedge heels are great footwear options to boost your height in an instant. For the best shoe trick, a pair of nude heels is a necessity as it elongates your legs by creating a continuous line of your skin tone rather than breaking up the foot and leg with contrasting colors. When opting for boots, avoid mid-calf length or knee-high boots as they tend to shorten your legs by cutting you off visually at your ankles. Instead, prefer for tall boots or ankle boots that resemble the color of your pants or leggings. Sadly, gladiator sandals and ankle strap sandals are not for you as they visually chop your legs. When wearing flat shoes, always remember that the more foot that is exposed the longer your legs will appear. So, prefer pointed toes and show some toe cleavage in a low vented ballet flats. Also, skip anklets as they’ll just chop your legs visually.

black miniskirt knee length skirt

When opting for bottoms such as jeans, shorts, and skirts, look for a medium rise since both low rise and high rise can be a problem visually. If you prefer short lengths, be sure to keep it really short as midi or mid-calf skirts will shorten you unless you are prepared to wear very high heels. The shorter the skirt, the longer the legs so, make sure your skirt is not longer than above the knee. Also, avoid wide-leg trousers whether its full length or mid-calf as well as and wide skirts.

abstract maxi dress gray dress maxi dress navy navy dress nude dress striped maxi dress

In your dresses, you should look for short hemlines that no longer than above the knee or full maxi dresses. Wrap dresses with overlapping hemline show more leg in the middle than the sides are great to elongate legs. Also, wear a maxi dress that is the perfect floor-length with a pair of heels on and no one will ever know you’re cheating. Plus, vertical stripes on your maxi dress will create a long and lean silhouette. So, look for vertical prints and any vertical stripes to trick the eyes of those around you.

blazer jeans checkered blazer leather jacket

When choosing for tops, be mindful that no shirt or blouse should end at the mid hip or longer than the hips unless you wear a curved hem. Crop tops with high waist jeans, shorts, or skirts help to increase the length of your short legs visually. Instead of hiding your body with over-sized jackets and coats, shape-framing jackets that are not longer than your hips are great in embracing your proportions. Cropped ones will help distinguish your shape by establishing a waistline.

There are a lot of tricks to keep your legs look longer visually. So, embrace them and be confident showing off what you’ve got.


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