Summer/Spring Pieces You Can Wear this Winter

You do not have to completely ignore your summer/spring articles of clothing even though it is winter.  In fact, you can incorporate them into your cold season outfits. Create astounding attires by integrating these warm season get-ups into your frosty fashion attires.


Winter wardrobes can be a bit dreary, so make sure to inject some fun into your cold season attire by wearing your favorite sundresses. It’s as simple as layering your dress with a jacket/cardigan, scarf, tights and boots.

black sundress

You can even top it with a cropped sweater for a unique look.

sweater over sundress


T-shirts are not just for the warm seasons. They prove to be stylish articles for wintertime as well. It’s a perfect base beneath a jacket, cardigan, blazer or trench coat. As for the bottoms, a good shirt can look perfect with pants, shorts or a skirt.

_t-shirt for winter

Tank Top

The tank top is a summer/spring staple you can introduce to your fashion wardrobe. You only need to layer this small piece of clothing with more winter-friendly items. For example, you can use your tank top as a topper or as an additional layer for your winter wardrobe.

gray tank top

You can even wear it underneath a crop top (another spring/summer item) for added warmth and style.

white tank top


Yes, you can wear your tiny shorts this winter! Do remember to layer this article of clothing with leggings or tights. If you can manage to bare some skin, you can even wear it with just over-the-knee boots.
_winter shortsjeweled black shorts

Mini Skirts

Summer and spring are not the only seasons for mini skirts. In fact, they can fit into your winter wardrobe as well. Of course, the key to looking cool is to wear warming layers underneath. Good options include leggings, tights and knee-high socks.

white shirt and red skirt striped mini skirt

Capri Pants

If you can wear shorts this winter, then you can definitely wear your capri pants this season. This summer/spring favorite is a good alternative for leggings, pants and tights. If it’s too cold for your comfort, you can wear knee-high socks or hosiery underneath.
_printed caprisblack capri pants


If it’s not too cold outside, trade your signature winter boots for flats. This comfy, summer/spring shoe staple is very easy to mix with cold season wardrobe. Keep your legs warm by wearing this footwear with tights, stirrup leggings or knee-high socks.
_black flat shoesblack flats

A good fashionista knows how to work past season items to her current style. Be a style wizard by throwing your summer/spring staples into your winter mix.

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