6 Fresh Takes on Summer To Fall Wardrobe Transition

We all experience that period in between seasons twice every year, what we all familiarly call ‘transition periods.’ These periods are the times or specifically the few weeks in which we slowly and subtly change our wardrobe to accommodate with our seasonal needs—as well as to start wearing those fabulous pieces that we can only wear during fall and winter.

Here we will give you some fresh takes and updated ways to transition your summer wardrobe to fall.

1. Layer Sweaters or Sleeved Shirts under Your Dresses

We all love our summer dresses, and we want to use them as long as possible—which translates to the whole year, if possible. This is actually possible now, ladies! As long as you layer your sleeveless dresses and slips with shirt, you can wear them all through fall. From the last few days of summer and into the earlier days of fall, you can still go for short-sleeved shirts but as autumn season starts in full swing, you want to layer sweaters and long-sleeved shirts instead.striped sweatshirt and dress for fall

sleeveless dress and shirt for fall

2. Pair Overalls with Sweatshirts instead of Crop Tops and Light Blouses

Overalls is a much loved item in your wardrobe, ever since its popularity surged last year. For fall, you want to keep to dark overalls. Also, instead of wearing tank or crop tops like you did this summer, you want to look fall-ready and pair your overalls with sweatshirts now. This gives a cozy feel that is perfect for fall.sleeved blouse and overalls for fall sweater and overalls for fall

3. Start Wearing Leather Jackets and Dark Wash Denim Jackets

Jackets are inherently made for the colder seasons of fall and winter. So for the start of fall, you want to slowly incorporate fall pieces into your transitional wardrobe. Jackets are great pieces to start with. Leather and denim jackets are especially versatile and can be worn with anything. If you pair your summer dresses and lightweight tops with either of these two, you would already feel and look like you are well-equipped for fall.leather jacket and maxi dress for fall denim jacket for fall

4. Opt for Floral Prints in Darker Hues

Floral prints are something many of us super love and incorporate with many of our everyday outfits. But the problem we all have with floral prints is that it screams spring and summer. Well, most floral prints are. But you have those floral prints that have dark hues. They either have a black or any dark background or the flowers itself look muted and deep rather than the typical pastel flowers. These are the floral prints you want to have for fall.autumn floral blazer for fall dark floral dress for fall

5. Add Deep and Dark Colors

Since we have already talked about dark colors above, let me expand to that and suggest you to subtly add deep colors into your transitional outfits. Marsala and muted orange are excellent fall colors. You can add these deep and dark colors on accessories or shoes first and slowly build your way from there.marsala and blush outfit for fall muted orange outfit for fall

6. Exchange Sandals with Closed Shoes like Boots

I know we all want to extend sandal season and, by all means, do so. But when you start to get cold feet (literally), then it is time to exchange your gorgeous sandals with closed shoes such as boots or oxford shoes.oxford shoes for fall lace dress and boots

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