Summer Staples for Chillier Areas

While some areas are melting because of the summer sun, some cities are still as cold as ice boxes. If you are unfortunate enough to live in these areas, you need not worry about not being able to wear the hottest summer trends. You can still channel the sunny season in style by wearing any of these summer staples for chillier areas.

Crochet Sweaters

Because of the cool weather, you need something to cover up your arms. But if you want to wear summer staples, then crochet sweaters should be your top choices. They provide adequate warmth for chilly weathers without letting you freeze to death! If the temperatures are just too much, don’t forget to wear a tube top or tank top underneath.

oversized crochet sweater

white summer sweater

Cutout Dresses

Strapless, lightweight summer dresses are undoubtedly cute, but they can leave you nippy in the wrong weather. So if you don’t want to freeze like an icicle, wear cutout dresses wear of thicker fabrics instead. The peek-a-boos make it good summer staples despite the unforgiving temps. Make sure to bring a coat or jacket in case the degrees plummet all the way down.

floral cutout dress white cut out dress


Inject some summer fashion into your otherwise boring work outfit by wearing a jumpsuit! It is definitely one of the best summer staples, as it transcends all seasons. Styling is a breeze with this outfit as well, as you can pull it off with just a few accessories.

printed jumpsuit black jumpsuit

Denim Overalls

Summer almost always equates to cut-off shorts. But when the temperatures are just so uncooperative, you can forego these sexy shorts for a cute pair of denim overalls. They are stylish summer staples that you can use in other seasons as well. Wear a bandeau, tube top or crop top underneath to balance the look. You still need to show some skin, after all!

cuffed denim overalls denim overalls

Baseball Caps

Summer is all about wearing hats. While a straw hat might be your top choice, it is not advisable for the cold weather. So if you are looking for summer staples to replace your straw hat, then opt for a baseball cap. It’s just as useful and just as stylish. For a grander look, choose baseball hats with unique prints (florals or embellishments, anyone?)

tie dye baseball cap floral baseball cap

Close-Toed Espadrilles

Espadrilles are some of the hottest summer staples! Since most versions are open-toed, they don’t really work well in chillier areas. Unless you want to suffer the wrath of frostbite, go for close-toed espadrilles. They are just as trendy, but better for the cooler regions in the country!

printed espadrilles black espadrilles

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