Summer Shoes To Choose

15 Most Covetable Shoes for Summer

No fashionista can just live on one pair of footwear. This summer season brings us all the hottest heels and no-heels to strut and stroll along with. Here are some pretty summer shoes we’ve found that you might just love.

1. Transparent Tidbit. This shie has super clear see-through parts that spell sexy but not too showy.


2. T-strap Time. Calling all women who’d like to create a lengthy illusion for their feet.


3.Navy need. When you’re desperate for the perfect shoe trend this summer, it’s justifiable, especially when it’s as hip as this fringe stiletto.


4. Neon Nausea. Don’t forget the contrasting colors. This summer they make a great team.


5. Architectural Arch. Shoes have gone way more sculpted at the heels.


6.Flower Power. Loving the seventies, aren’t we? The florals remain fabulous , even if you have to look down to appreciate them on a girl’s feet.


7.Golden Glimpse. Designers know where to put the gold on your shoes. Don’t miss the regal black-and-gold combo this year.


8.Heel-less High. Because pot, coke and X are illegal, it’s be more reasonable to feel intoxicated in heel-less high heels. Don’t worry about losing balance because you never will when you’ve got your toes firm on the ground.


9.Bow Bliss. If you prefer ladylike, try this. Bows are for all seasons, even for summer hot weather.


10.Metallic Madness. The look is fierce and glamorous so if you want to look like a true-blooded glamazon, do shop for this shoe.


11.Chunky Casuals. Some prefer to look simple, but with a bit of thick heels wouldn’t hurt. After all, fashion isn’t all about comfort but looking great.


12. Pattern Parody. A mix of block colors, busy prints and unique details complete this style. Be bold enough to try it!


13. Cut-out Chic.Who says cutaways have a limit? For pumps, summer’s got the best styles to choose from.


14.Polkadot Posh. Finally we’re on to flats. Spots are getting prettier this year and a lot more fashionable.


15.Floral friends. Flowers aren’t just in print, but they’re embellished as well. Enough of the tough-looking gladiators. Put on the fluffy, feminine flats instead.