Summer Prints to Add to Your Wardrobe

Summer is coming and this time, just plain florals won’t do. Sure, every summer, floral prints have been a staple in our closets but wouldn’t it be so much more fun if there were more prints we could rock during the season? While technically you can wear any print anytime, there are summer-specific prints that make sense only during the season. Don’t believe me? Check out these summer prints to add to your wardrobe.

  • WATERMELON – yes, you read that right. Watermelon prints are totally on trend for the season so if you’re looking for a cute and quirky print to add to your summer wardrobe, look no further than this juicy print that’ll surely make your mouth water. Watermelon prints are great for adding a splash of color to your outfit, too. The bright contrast between red and green never fails to catch the eye.

watermelon bikini

watermelon print dress watermelon matching set

  • PINEAPPLE – keeping up with the fruit print theme, another one that you should probably add to your summer wardrobe are pineapple printed pieces. These will make great alternatives to your watermelon prints on days when you want something a little zestier and fresher.

pineapple print set pineapple prints for summer pineapple shirt outfit

  • TROPICAL PRINTS – now, if you’re not feeling the cutesy little fruit prints, you can always opt for something else like like tropical prints. These summer-specific print designs are perfect on resort wear pieces.

tropical leaves skirt tropical print bikini tropical style print

  • BOATS AND ANCHORS (Nautical) – summer is the perfect time to rock nautical prints like boats and anchors so why not add a few pieces in your wardrobe with these kinds of prints on it? They’re perfect if you want to mix and match things with your staple summer stripes and they’re totally cute, too!

nautical anchor print nautical boat print top nautical print dress

  • FLAMINGO PRINT – if you’re looking for a print design for summer that’s fun and whimsical that will surely liven up and brighten up your look, try sporting flamingo printed pieces. The flamingo print is super cute. Its color and form is oozing with feminine grace and chic vibes. Though it usually comes in pink, you’ll certainly find more eccentric styles in different colors.

flamingo pink pants flamingo print shirt selena gomez flamingo shirt and skirt

  • AZTEC – I know the Aztec print trend has been around for quite some time now but it’s still around and if you love edgy geometric patterns, this might just be the summer print for you. The great thing about Aztec prints is that they come in so many different colors, you won’t need any other piece to brighten up your look. Of course, it also comes in plain black and white for those who get intimidated by too many colors too quickly.

aztec chic skirt aztec coral and mint maxi skirt aztec kimono outfit


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