Summer Pieces to Use for Cute Fall Outfits

It pays to be prepared, especially when it comes to fashion. Although summer is still in the air, it is essential that you get ready with your upcoming cute fall outfits.

While you might think of purchasing new clothes quick, know that you can still use your summer pieces as fall outfits. Here are some great suggestions to pick up for transition clothing:

Crop Top

A crop top is a perfect summer piece, as it bares much of your skin. But when the temps go plummeting, it’s not enough to wear your crop top all alone. So if you want to incorporate a crop top into your cute fall outfits, remember that layering is a key factor. You can wear your crop top over a long-sleeved top, or a sheer dress. For a more professional look, you can keep it under wraps in a structured coat or blazer.

crop top and caot

layered crop top crop top over button-down shirt

Flowy Tank

Like the crop top, the flowy tank is one of summer’s indispensable items. After all, it keeps you cool and sexy during the warmest of summer days. But because of its loose nature, wearing a flowy tank on its own is a setback for autumn weather. So if you plan on incorporating this item to your fall outfits, then make sure to do so with a good topper. Appropriate examples include a split sweater, an oxford polo, even a long-sleeved version of the crop top.

sheer flowy tank layered flowy tank white flowy tank

Sheer Sweater

Summer is sometimes just too hot that wearing a full-on sweater won’t do – and this is where the sheer sweater comes into play. So if you have a couple of sheer sweaters in your closet, you need not worry as you can utilize it for your cute fall outfits. They key to surviving the cold in a sheer jacket is to layer clothes underneath. It can be as simple as wearing a tank top or tube top underneath – and you can get the look of summer and survive in it throughout autumn.

layered sheer sweater white sheer sweater and black pants white sheer sweater

Slip Dress

The slip dress is one of the hottest summer pieces of today. And why not? This sexy little number helps you channel your femininity – with the much needed ventilation. But since a slip dress is made from airy, light fabric, you might have frostbite when you wear it out during autumn. For such cases, layer your slip dress with a turtleneck top. Not only will it give you added warmth, it can help you create fall outfits with a hint of summer sexiness.

jamie chung white slip dress white slip dress sheer slip dress

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