Summer Color Combinations

We all know summer fashion is all about rocking bold and bright colors but wearing the same colors (read: your faves) over and over again can be get a little boring, no matter how gorgeous the color is. To spice up your summer looks, why not try mixing and matching different colors to get a fun look? If course, you can’t just throw colors in on one outfit together without making sure that the colors look great and work well with one another. Combining colors is easy but it’s not as easy as many think. If you’re afraid of going out of your comfort zone because you’re not sure of how it would turn out, check out these summer color combinations that you can wear to help you liven up your looks for the season.

  • Pink and yellow – you don’t see these two colors together very often but they actually make a really cute ‘tropical’ kind of look when worn together in one outfit. I find that the best shades of pink and yellow that work really well together are either fuchsia pink and mustard yellow or neon pink and sunshine yellow. I think that having one brighter than the other works better just because wearing two statement colors may get you looking overboard.

pink and yellow office chic outfit

bright and colorful summer outfit pink lemonade inspired outfit

  • Blue and green – this color combination isn’t all that rare but because we tend to stick to more girly colors, we don’t see it that often. Pretty blue and green jewel tones like emerald and sapphire look really elegant together. If you’re someone who’s not very experimental with colors but you’d still like to try a few foolproof color combos for summer, this is one combination you should definitely try. The colors aren’t too bold yet they’re colorful enough together to make a fun look.

blue and green outfit blue blazer and green jeans blue and green outfit with coral accent

  • Red and orange – red and orange is such a fiery color combination that perfectly matches the hot summer days. This color combination can be worn if you’re looking for an outfit that features colors that are all sort of in the same palette but don’t want to really go monochromatic. If this color combination if too bright for you, you can also add in some neutral accents and accessories to the mix or wear one color in prints and the other plain and solid.

red and orange outfit for summer red stripes and orange pants

  • Purple, green and orange – now, here’s something a little bolder for the braver fashionistas out there: tricolor outfits. One of the best color combinations that work so well includes purple, green and orange. You don’t have to wear all three colors on your clothes. You can wear two colors on your clothes and one for accessories or the other way around.

tricolor purple green and orange outfit gorgeous color block outfit


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