Summer Beauty Tips and Tricks for Women with Oily Skin

For women with oily skin, summer might not exactly be the most fun time of the year. Dealing with the heat is a burden in and of itself and trying to stay fresh while at it is just a whole other challenge. If you have oily skin, you know all too well the struggle of trying to keep your face on as the hot summer day tries its best to melt whatever you have on and while we can’t do anything about the weather, there are a few things we can do to tweak our makeup and beauty routine to make oily skin in the summer more bearable. Here are some beauty tips and tricks for women with oily skin.

  • CHANGE UP YOUR PRODUCTS – it’s time to step up your summer skin care routine and change the products you’ve been using for the past few months into something better for your skin. Heavy creams and gels, for example, should be eliminated and replaced with lighter serums and lotions. It would also be better if you could switch to gel and water-based products for skin care products.

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  • STOCK UP ON SUNBLOCK – aside from protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, sun block / sun screen products can also help keep your face matte. Sun block makes a good alternative to moisturizer if you choose one that contains denatured alcohol since it is non-drying. A great way to know this is to look for the words ‘denat alcohol’ in the list of ingredients.

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  • EXFOLIATE REGULARLY – exfoliating is essential if you have oily skin, especially in the summer when your oil and sweat glands become more active than ever. It keeps your pores clear from being clogged by sebum and dirt which can lead to breakouts. Limit exfoliation to 2 -3 times a week so as not to irritate skin.

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  • SKIP MAKEUP – skip makeup whenever you can in the summer time. It’s a great way to let your skin breathe and it also gives you the chance to embrace natural beauty. If you must wear makeup, opt for the lighter counterpart of what you usually use. Full coverage foundation, for example, can be swapped with tinted moisturizer and lipstick can be replaced by lip tints or lip balm.

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  • BRING YOUR BLOTTERS EVERYWHERE – to keep oil at bay all day long, it’s important to have a few blotting sheets on hand at all times. Blotting is a better way to mattify an oily face because they don’t move your makeup around and they don’t leave your face looking cakey like most powders would after several applications.

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