Stylish Ways to Wear Women’s Trench Coat

Introduced in 1920s and 1930s, women’s trench coat remained a fashion choice for a classic and timeless style. Despite having a number of distinctive features that make the trench coat unique, they are also available in different lengths, different colors, and different materials that can suit each woman’s style. Keep on scrolling for stylish ways to wear women’s trench coat.

trench coat with button down shirt and leather trousers

trench coat with casual chic outfit trench coat with casual outfit trench coat with chic top and leather trousers trench coat with white denim jeans and loafers trench coat with white jeans

Though the original trench coats style was altered somehow to look more modern and fashionable, the distinctive features like storm pockets, belts, epaulettes, sleeve straps, storm flaps, and buttons remained the trademark of this staple. Traditionally, storm pockets are designed to protect important documents during the wars, but still in the modern times, these pockets are appreciated for their suitability to carry essentials as well as keeping your hands warm during cold weather. The belt that is incorporated into the design gives the trench coat its distinctive shape, as well as the sleeve straps, epaulettes or shoulder decorations originally served the purpose of showing rank in the military.

trench coat with patched jeans and blousetrench coat with button down shirt and printed pantstrench coat with peasant dress trench coat with collared dress trench coat with silk dress

When choosing for women’s trench coats, look for ones that make you look slim and sleek. If you’re a petite woman, be cautious of wearing belted coat as it can make you look heavier and shorter. Trench coats styles vary from three-quarter length to a coat ending at the waist or hips. Go for ones that will look equally stylish over long dresses and jeans, and you can wear for more than one season for maximum versatility. To ensure that the coat is not too long or short for your frame, raise your hands over your head to prevent any issues with pulling. Keep in mind that the sleeves of the trench coat should cover your wrist bones and the pockets should lay flat.

casual outfit with trench coat denim overall with trench coat flared jeans with chic top and trench coat trench coat with distressed jeans trench coat with striped top and jeans

Trench coats can easily dress up your too casual outfits like blue jeans, ripped denim jeans, basic tee, tank tops, overalls, and even chambray tops. Just coordinate your accessories to make your outfit more chic than overly casual by picking for classic pumps, stilettos, boots, and statements heels over ballet flats and flat sandals.

checkered dress with trench coat pastel outfit with trench coat trench coat with beige dress trench coat with checkered day trench coat with printed dress

Feminine outfits like blouse-and-skirt or dresses can look more sophisticated with women’s trench coats. Since the typical trench coat has a neutral shade and plain style, printed dresses, brightly colored blouse-and-skirt, and even statement ones can be complemented by a trench coat. If you feel your prints look too overwhelming, just layer your trench coat with your outfit to keep it tamed while keeping it chic and stylish.

trench coat with floral dress red trench coat with casual outfit red trench coat striped shirtdress pastel trench coat with casual outfit modern trench coat with striped dress

For a more stylish statement, you may go for modern style trench coats. Traditionally, these coats are only available in neutral shades of black, beige, brown, and even white. However, designers make it more fashionable by incorporating pastel, bright, and flashy colors with trench coat styles that you may go for. Though wool was the original material used for trench coats as its lightweight and well suited to repel water, leather, and cotton became popularly used for trench coats to give off a stylish yet functional vibe.

Indeed, trench coats are a must-have staple for women’s closet that will remain timeless for more decades to come.





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