Stylish Ways to Wear Crowns on the Streets

Though traditionally worn by royalty and religious figures, crowns are one of the trendiest drives observed recently on almost fashion shows and even weddings that identify the bride when she takes off her veil at the reception party. Not only at weddings, but you can also wear them at bachelorette parties, baby showers, festival get – together, anniversary parties, and such. Wondering how to be a queen-on-the-go and wear a crown on the streets? Keep on reading to scoop some tricks.

bejeweled crown with cute outfit

cute crown with edgy outfit gold laurel crown silver crown with all black outfit

Crown is another luxurious accessory that can make a statement on the streets. These hair accessories are commonly made from delicate materials like gold, silver, bronze, chrome, platinum, and even plastic. Some of them have precious stones and jewels like diamonds, emeralds, rubies sapphires, pearls, topaz, and quartz while less expensive crowns can also be found with cut glass, paste stones, and less expensive semi-precious stones. Since there is a huge variety of luxurious queen-like looks that can be created with these crowns, pay attention to how it accents your face and your dress so it won’t look too festive and irrelevant. Counterbalance them with not too catchy and sophisticated pieces, which certainly have to be chic and cool to complement the details.

crown with dressy outfit cute crown with casual chic outfit

When choosing for crowns, think of your face shape and hair color as some of them can look absolutely beautiful with other and a little clunky on another. If you have a longer face, look for a very thin, delicate looking crown to avoid adding more length to your face. On the other hand, if you have a round face, add some length to balance your face shape through crown’s peak at the top. Also, gold and ivory shades of crown and jewels look better with reddish or brown hair while silver and white gold crowns look great in platinum blond hair.

gold and pear crown with statement ringscrown with sheer dress and jacketgold crown with simple dress

How you do your hair is important, too as it determines how the headpiece will come across your head. For instance, you can wear a gypsy style of a crown in a sleek hairstyle to create a bohemian vibe or a minimalist hairstyle in a statement making crowns for a more sophisticated look. For ‘20s-style, go for a wavy, loose, low bun or chignon off to one side with a few wavy pieces framing your face. Or, keep your hair relaxed, either flowing freely or in a messy ponytail or braid.

lace dress with laurel crown

When positioning your crown on your head, you can try out the slight angular position which is safe and unique and looks classy too. You could also wear them just like a headband rather than across the forehead for a grown-up look. If you’re wearing an asymmetrical dress or plunging neckline dress, then do make it a point to wear your crown opposite to that focal point.

gold crown with vintage outfit baroque dress with crownvintage inspired crown with dress

One trick to wearing a crown casually is to keep it small so it would be easy to wear any kind of outfit. It’s also a great way to add that whimsical touch while staying comfortable and not being too costumey. Also, avoid crowns having some point in the middle since those are more fantasy inspired. But, if you’re into that fantasy-inspired style, you could go for vintage-inspired crowns featuring feathers, crystal, lace, vintage netting, and even ribbons.

simple outfit with gold crowngold cuff with cute crown in black outfitcrown headband

Think of your overall look when you’re matching accessories as it is just fine to wear a headpiece with an already embellished dress as long as you keep the metals and the stones all complement each other. If you want some classic vibe, opt for understated accents like a simple bracelet and a dainty pendant necklace. If a glamorous look is your style, then go for elaborate adornments like a bejeweled cuff and a chunky statement necklace. It’s also probably a good idea to steer clear of any flapper-inspired clothing like anything featuring beadwork, fringe, or giant feathers. Instead, wear clothes in earthy tones.

crown with black and gold outfitcrown with casual outfit

Wear your crown proudly and never ever apologize. It should represent your own personal style and match your personality. The trick to pulling off any kind of headpiece is not letting the piece wear you. So, if you’re not going to wear it confidently, then you don’t deserve to wear a crown at all. You can even rock a crown with a sweater and jeans if you feel so, as long as you’re confident. It’s your confidence on how you carry your fashion style is the thing that makes a statement.

Indeed, crowns are no longer luxury and extravaganza that are meant for styling the models’ looks or for the royal occasions all over the world. They can make a good complement to your fashionable looks while making a bold fashion statement on the streets.



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