Stylish Ways to Wear Chambray Shirt

Chambray shirt is absolutely versatile to go with any of the fashion ensembles in your wardrobe since it gives a casual off-duty looks like denim, but has the softer and lighter feel, making it wearable all year long. Chambray shirts have countless ways to dress up and dress down whether you’re aiming for a casual street style, feminine looks, office style, and such. Let’s dig deeper to find out the tricks on wearing these versatile shirts.

denim jeans

denim miranda kerr denim on denim white denim

For a basic yet stylish casual style, don’t be afraid of denim-on-denim pair. The key is to work two pieces together is opting for different shades of denim so you’ll create an interesting contrast between the same textures. To get this look, wear a chambray shirt in a light wash and your denim pants in a dark wash to get that two-toned look. For balancing the nearly same tone, wear some belt to create a line that split the two denim textured garment. It’s simple and great as a casual outfit any day.

floral pants white floral skirt floral with chambray

To add some colors and femininity to your style, sport your chambray shirt with floral print bottoms such as skirts and pants. A chambray shirt tucked into a knee-length skirt paired with classic pumps is a casual yet feminine look. On the other hand, you may wear your chambray shirt like a blazer in tank tops and floral print pants that’s so crisp and summery and it can instantly make your overall style more exciting.

leather jacket leather shorts leather trousers

If you’d want to bring an edgy vibe to your style, then sport chambray shirts with leather pieces such as jackets, trousers, and shorts. Adding a rock and roll kind of edge to your style will revamp your plain and boring outfit. You can throw on a leather jacket on top of your chambray shirt or wear leather pants and leather boots with it. If you want some sexy and edgy vibe, then pair your chambray shirt tucked out with leather shorts.

casual and classy

While chambray shirts aren’t ideal for every work environment, you can still wear it for casual Friday but you have to be careful on which type of combination you choose to wear to the office. Your chambray shirts should always be crisp and neat that no trendy holes or distress marks to look fit and neat at the office. And, the best way to wear a casual shirt to work is to style the outfit with more elegant and polished pieces such as a pencil skirt, classic pants, and appropriate jewelry to achieve that professional look.

colored pants colored red pants neon shoes shawl colored

If you feel your chambray shirt look a little gloomy and boring, then spice it up by wearing bright colors. There are endless ways to liven and brighten it up such as wearing bright belt, brightly colored pants, colorful shawl, neon shoes, neon accessories, bright purse and such. These are fun, casual, and eye-catching quick fix that you can wear on times when you just want to get something fun but still fashionable.

Style your chambray shirts with bottoms that flatter you most. When opting for comfort and style, chambray shirts are the perfect tops for you.



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