Stylish Skirts to Wear this Fall

When we think of dressing up for fall, we don’t always think about dressing up with dresses and skorts since pants are always warmer and more convenient but that doesn’t always have to be the case. I know a lot of women who would choose skirts over pants any time just because it makes them feel more feminine and dainty but because fall gets colder than usual. Leaving your legs bare out in the cold can be a real challenge and not everyone is willing to sacrifice comfort over style. Good thing there are gorgeous and fabulous skirts that you can wear for this season without freezing your legs off. Check out these skirts to wear this fall and make sure you get your hands on them.

  • Maxi skirt – of course, the ever-so-versatile maxi skirt makes it to the top of the list since this is one of the few skirts that you can truly call an all year round piece. If you’re on a budget, I would suggest going for a neutral one that you can dress up and dress down depending on the occasion and the season. For fall, wearing boots and a sweater with a maxi skirt is always the best way to go.

high waisted leopard print maxi skirt

pleated fall maxi skirt maxi skirt for fall

  • Full midi skirt – if you’re ever looking for something that will go with a full on girly outfit this fall, you might want to consider getting yourself a full midi skirt. This skirt is so chic and stylish that it’s perfect for any look, paired with anything. Wear it with heels to make your legs look longer and to simply look taller in general. You can also turn this into a statement skirt by getting one with an interesting print on it.

black full midi skirt red full skirt leopard print full skirt

  • Leather pencil skirt – now, if a sleek and sexy look is what you’re after, the best skirt to wear is a leather pencil skirt. We all know that pencil skirts in general have a very flattering effect but wearing a leather one just makes the whole look even sexier. What’s more is that leather can keep your warm so you don’t to worry about your legs freezing while you’re out.

sexy leather skirt black and white outfit leather skirt brown leather pencil skirt

  • Wrap skirt – wrap skirts have been everywhere during this year’s Fashion Week shows so it’s no wonder they’re going to be one of the must-haves this fall. Wrap skirts can be really flattering, especially when worn with the right things. They come in a variety of lengths which is perfect and, for those who are bold enough to show some skin despite the cold, they also come in slit skirt styles.

fall wrap skirt outfit mini wrap skirt outfit slit wrap skirt wrap skirt for fall

  • Skater skirt – and lastly, for those of you out there who love showing off their long and slender legs, a skater skirt is another skirt style you should have in your closet. Of course, you’ll have to style it up so your legs aren’t left shivering from the cold. Wearing tights underneath is always a good idea when wearing a skater skirt. The two pieces look fabulous together all the time.

blue skater skirt skater skirt outfit taupe skater skirt witht tights and boots

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