Stylish Shoes Every Working Woman Should Own

As a working girl, you know the dilemma of limited options for footwear. But you don’t have to settle with just your plain old pumps anymore. Here are the shoes every woman should own – so make sure to read on!

Classic Black Pumps

Black pumps, without a doubt, are shoes every woman should own. These tall, ebony-colored shoes are true classics, since they basically look well with every work outfit or style you can conjure up.

victoria beckham black pumps

miranda kerr black pumps

Nude Pumps

When it comes to office essentials, nude pumps are must-have shoes every woman should own. Why? They work wonders, as they can instantly elongate your legs. Because of the neutral color, nude pumps can be worn with any type of work outfit.

gigi hadid nude pumps black dress and nude pumps

Kitten Heels

Does your work require you to walk to and fro often? If this is the case, then kitten heels should be your top choice. These are the shoes every woman should own because they are undoubtedly comfortable, compared to stilettos, of course. At the same time, they feature cute heels so you get to boost your height and accentuate your curves along the way.

black kitten heels for work black kitten heels

Printed Pumps

Do you want to add some pizzazz to your weary work wardrobe? Then printed pumps are your best bet. These are the shoes every woman should own, since they can beautify your style right away!

leopard printed pumps python pumps


You’ll never know when your boss decides to send you to do errands. Save yourself from the painful blisters by investing on flats, which are arguably the best shoes every woman should own. With the many colors and styles out there, it wouldn’t hurt to purchase a handful of these comfy shoes.

lauren conrad black flats silver flats for work

Tall Boots

Tall boots, without a doubt, are essential shoes every woman should own. This is especially the case during fall and winter, when the temperatures are extremely chilly. These boots provide cold weather protection – while expending sophisticated glamour as well.

brown tall boots red tall boots

Sophisticated Sandals

If your office permits washdays and casual get-ups, then make sure to wear sophisticated sandals. These are the shoes every woman should own, whether for work or for play.

sandals for work white outfit and sandals

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