Stylish Retro Hairstyles

Vintage Ways To Do Your Hair

Have you ever tried stylish retro hairstyles? Sometimes to look different, you have to look back. Think and search from the 20s to 80s and you’ll find countless of inspirations for your good ole hair.  Styles we love are the most dramatic and glamorous, that’s why we’ve got some retro hair ideas just for you.


1. Big and Bouncy. It’s Barbie turned Bardot. These days, we got Lana Del Rey impersonating everyone from Marilyn to Jackie. All you need is a good tousle, hairspray, and more guts to carry this hot look.


2. Permed Pretty. Nothing beats the glam of old Hollywood and all you need are curls and a good hairspray to keep them in place.





3. Short and Sizzling. Back in the day, women had short curls and the trend was flapper naughty- angelic and totally out of control. hair always looked great, however, and nobody seemed to have bad hair days.


4. Blooming Bangs. Flowers on your head is definitely a yes, but bangs? double yes especially with more length, volume, and a little curled up.

stylishretrohairstyles14 stylishretrohairstyles16

5. Beehive Bomb. It’s always a 60s or Bardot inspiration when it comes to vintage. A nice headband makes the look even more dashing.

stylishretrohairstyles6 stylishretrohairstyles8

6. Loose and Lively. Ever heard a girl say she’d rather have flowers on her head than diamonds around her neck? Decorate the front of your head instead of the back and sides. This is complete retro style, especially when rosettes are pinned instead of the common pinned curls. Leaving hair down and a little wavy adds edginess to the look.


7. Braided and Twisted. Retro hairstyles are all about uniqueness and keeping all locks in place. What’s a better way to secure strands stylishly other than braids tied and twisted into a top knot?stylishretrohairstyles4

8. Puffy Ponytails. Modern tied back o tied to the side hair is usually big, bouncy, wavy, or a bit dishelved. The best sources of inspiation come from the runways and models such as these fierce beauties. stylishretrohairstyles9

9. Chic and Classy. Great for valentines, these two romantic retro hairstyles are bound to make your hair day perfect.