Stylish Female Suits For Work

When it comes to power dressing, female suits for work are the top choices amongst many. However, the usual shades and styles can get a little too boring. If you want to elevate your style – and become the office style icon – then make sure to try these stylish female suits for work.

White Suit

When it comes to female suits for work, the color white proves to be a rare choice. But it is one you should make, given its pure color and crisp nature. While you can wear a white suit on its own, you can always play it up by layering and accessorizing. If your office permits it, you can look funky by wearing your white female suits for work with a stylish pair of black slip-on sneakers.

cara delevingne white suit

cara white suit white suit and black shoes

Suit with Cropped Pants

Are the usual trousers boring you to tears? As long as the boss allows you to do so, why not march to work with cropped female suits for work? This actually gives a new lease on spring/summer work wardrobes. After all, it exposes a good part of your leg – something that you ought to do during spring/summer.

pinstripe cropped pantsuit blue suitblue cropped pants

Vest Suit

For spring and this coming summer, the best female suits for work are vest suits. Not only will it expose your beautiful arms, it can save you from sweat as well. What’s great about a vest suit is that you can create multiple looks with it. With that being said, a vest suit is a perfect choice if you want to be the fashion-forward icon in the office.

kate moss vest suit janelle monae vest suit

Slouchy Suit

Sleek, polished females suits for work are popular amongst many power dressers. But if you wish to deviate from the norm, then dress up in a slouchy suit. It’s a great choice if you don’t want a super restrictive outfit. With a slouchy suit, you can look fabulous and let loose – without being too conscious about your appearance.

red slouchy uit printed slouchy suit

Wide Leg Pant Suit

70’s fashion is a pivotal part of spring and summer dressing. So if you want to imbibe this influence in your work outfits, then choose wide leg female suits for work. This vintage style is more than iconic, it can actually become your trademark look in the office.

beige wide leg suit black wide leg suit

Bright Suit

Want to wear fun suits for work? Then invest in one (or two) bright suits. These ensembles can add a whiff of fresh air to your boring office outfits. Even with minimal accessorizing, you can stand out in bright female suits for work.
bright red pantsuit mustard pantsuitolivia palermo bright suit

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