Styling Tips for Fair Isle Print Sweaters

The Fair Isle print is an interesting pattern of numerous colors. This design is bore out of a traditional knitting technique that started in Scotland’s Fair Isle. Thanks to its royal proponents (such as the late Princess Diana,) this design has taken off into the fashion mainstream.

Live your winter days in bright color with Fair Isle prints by following these styling techniques.

With a Button-Down Polo

For a sophisticated look which you can wear to work, wear your Fair Isle sweater with a button-down polo. Add more layers of warmth by topping it off with a good jacket.

orange fair isle sweater

navy fair isle sweater

With a Shawl/Scarf

If it’s too cold outside, make your Fair Isle outfit even warmer with a shawl/scarf. Because of the knit’s colorful nature, make it a point to use a neutral or solid-colored cravat.

fair isle sweater and shawl

With a Turtleneck

If you want to wear your Fair Isle sweater minus a bulky scarf, then make sure to don a turtleneck sweater underneath. Choose a solid color so it will not clash with your colorful knit sweater.

fair isle sweater and turtleneck

With a Suit

Even with its vibrant colors, you can still take your favorite Fair Isle sweater to work. The key to making this office-worthy is to wear it with a pant suit or a skirt suit, such as this one below.

fair isle sweater and suit

With Jeans

For a simple and casual look, wear your Fair Isle prints with denim jeans and riding boots. This look is not only stylish, it is very sporty as well.

fair isle sweater and jeans fair isle sweater and denims

With Leggings/Tights

If you have a Fair Isle long sweater dress, you can wear this as is with leggings or opaque tights for maximum warmth. Of course, stylish boots go well with this get-up.

fair isle dress

With Shorts

Yes, you can wear shorts this winter and still feel warm. Just make sure to pair your shorts with a thick Fair Isle sweater. Of course, don’t forget to wear leggings or tights underneath.

fair isle sweater and shorts

With a Tartan Skirt

Print on print is very hot nowadays. Achieve this look by wearing your Fair Isle sweater with a tartan skirt. This holiday-themed outfit will surely make your Christmas merry and bright.

fair isle sweater and tartan skirt

Fair Isle sweaters are something you should try out this winter. Inherently bright, they can add some cheer to your merry Christmas wardrobe.

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