Style Tips: How to Look Pretty in a Pea Coat

When it comes to trendy autumn or winter outerwear, nothing compares to the beauty of the pea coat. Unlike other fads, it has withstood the test of time – as it has been keeping sailors cozy since the middle ages. Take advantage of this timeless classic by styling your pea coat in any of the following ways:

Be Traditionally Trendy

What’s great about this classic coat is that it is trendy by itself. With that being said, keep your styling and layering to a minimum. A simple top and a good pair of jeans are enough to make you look chic.

peacoat with denim

casual blue peacoat

For a nice nautical look with a pea coat, wear a striped shirt, skinny jeans and pointed flats, such as the one shown below.

nautical look with a black peacoat

scarf and peacoat

Dress to Impress

Look feminine in a menswear-inspired pea coat by wearing it with a dress. Because of the nature of the coat, it is best worn with tailored and structured dresses.

dress and peacoat

sweater and peacoat

Wear it to Work

Give your blazers a much-needed break by trading them for pea coats. They are just as sleek, so you can wear them to the office without any problems. When styling a pea coat for work, make sure to create a stylish yet decent look. You want to look like the respectable boss, not the trashy assistant.

peacoat for work

gray peacoat with skirt

Style it for Warmth

If the cold is too much for you, then proper layering can do the trick. You can wear a good sweater underneath – just make sure the colors and designs don’t clash with each other.

peacoat and sweater

Another good accessory to match with the coat is a scarf. If you are wearing a traditional-colored pea coat, any complementing print or design is sure to match the look. But if you are donning a printed or brightly-colored pea coat, then stick to solid colors and toned-down hues.

navy blue peacoat

peacoat with jeans

Be Adventurous

If you want to stand out in the crowd, go for bright and vibrant pea coats. Although these colors are perfect for spring and summer, the right styling and layering can make them indispensable for these cold months.

bright yellow peacoat

cute pink peacoat

An ageless classic, a pea coat is a worthy addition to your wardrobe. Surprise others – yourself even – by hitting the town in a nicely-styled pea coat outfit.

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