Style Tips for Women – Straight from Famous Fashion Editors

A few lucky ladies have great fashion styles. And for some people, styling can be a hit and miss. So if you find yourself looking for great fashion inspiration – or just want to create a brand new look, then make sure to follow these revolutionary style tips for women – straight from the books of famous fashion editors!

Print + Neutrals = Fabulous

Wearing prints is one of the best style tips for women to follow. However, if you want to make these patterns stand out ‘more,’ then wear them with neutral colors! This is according to Joanna Hillman, executive style editor of Harper’s Bazaar. Set against impartial shades, prints can pop out the way you want to stand out in a crowd of fashionably ‘safe’ people.

joanna hillman striped skirt

joanna hillman leopard coat joanna hillman red moto jacket

It’s a Balancing Act

Even fashion editors follow the most basic style tips for women, and that is to balance things! Take the case of Tank’s Caroline Issa, who manages to wear girly, pretty items with professional-level pieces. So if you want to wear your floral A-line skirt to the office, don’t be afraid to do so! Just make sure to pair with office-worthy attires (i.e. a white button-down shirt or a tank top and blazer pairing) for a style that’s similar to the world’s top fashion editors.

caroline issa unique outfit caroline issa pink skirt caroline issa printed outfit

Sneakers are the Best

Sneakers are often worn with casual wear, but do you know that they can work with fine or formal items as well? Such goes the style tips for women by Zanna Roberts Rassi of Marie Claire. Whether it’s an intricate maxi dress or an embellished little number, know that you’d still be fashionably fine if you wear it with your favorite pair of sneakers.

zanna rassi white sneajers zanna rassi sneakers outfit zanna rassi pants and sneakers

Don’t Wear your Blazer

A blazer is meant to be worn, but if you want to break free from the usual style tips for women, then wear it over your shoulders! This is in fact one of the easiest ways to look sophisticated, at least according to fashion editor Shiona Turini. Whether you’re wearing an elegant dress or a tee-and-pants ensemble, a draped-over blazer can definitely upgrade your fashion appeal.

shiona turini pink blazer shiona turini white blazer shiona turini blazer

Tuck thy Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are often worn with skirts and other shorter ensembles. However, if you want to follow the style tips for women set by Selby Drummond of Vogue, then try wearing your ankle boots with skinny jeans. Make sure to tuck the ends inside the boots, especially if you plan on wearing a unique pair of ankle boots.

selby drummond ankle boots suede booties black ankle booties

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