Style Tips for Rainy Days

While snow might fall down anytime soon, there’s another sky element that might dampen your spirits – literally – rain. Although puddles and heavy drops might ruin your otherwise perfect OOTD, you can still emerge as a trendy lady simply by following these style tips for rainy days:

Parka-fy it!

A parka is a clever consideration when it comes to style tips for rainy days. Apart from being uber functional, a parka can add an element of whimsy to your over-all style. Instead of the usual traditional styles, go for dazzling colors and unique prints. By doing so, you can bring a dose of happiness to people’s eyes – even if it’s very gloomy outside.

olive green parka

colorblocked parka

Go with a Poncho

Another consideration for style tips for rainy days is the poncho. This unique, elegant topper can protect you from the drizzle – whilst making you look sophisticated. A solid-colored poncho is your best bet as it can transcend multiple looks, but there’s no reason why you should go for a printed poncho as well. In fact, having both in your closet can help you achieve blog-worthy styles.

poppy delevingne poncho grey poncho

Live Colorfully

Rain boots are essential factors when it comes to style tips for rainy days. While your black and brown pairs are timeless classics, it wouldn’t hurt to pick one in a bright color or a unique print. This can break the monotony of your outfit, especially if work calls for a strict dress code. It’s also a great fashion addition for your fave tee and pants ensemble. No need to worry about the styling as your funky rain boots can do it for you!

pink rain boots red rain boots

Be Plastic

No…not literally! If you know that it’s going to rain, then ‘be plastic.’ By this I mean take a plastic or waterproof tote instead of a leather or nylon one. Not only are they cheaper, they can protect your laptop and other important documents as well.

waterproof bag outfit waterproof bag

Umbrella…Eh Eh

If Rihanna was able to make an umbrella look so good, then so can you! In fact, toting a cute umbrella is one of the best style tips for rainy days. While a parka or a poncho can protect you from drizzles, an umbrella is the only one that can keep you dry during a bad downpour. And in case you want to be stylish in the midst of a storm, then make sure to bring a cute umbrella. A transparent one – or a graphically-designed one – is guaranteed to make you shine in the gloomy weather.

cute umbrella printed umbrella

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