Style Secrets for Big Busted Babes

Having big boobs is the dream. Well, at least for some. If you naturally have big boobs, you know all too well that it’s not always an advantage and that there are struggles that come with being a big busted hottie, especially when it comes to fashion. Here are some style secrets for big buster babes that could help you step up your style game even more.

  • INVEST IN A GOOD MINIMIZER BRA – if you have a dress or a top that you really, really like but unfortunately can’t wear because the bust area is just too tight, a minimize bra might just be what you need. Aside from giving you support, this kind of bra also minimizes your cup size temporarily so you can wear that chic outfit you’ve planned out.

cute outfit for big busted girls

cute outfit

  • WEAR A SCARF – on days when you want to downsize your boobs, just wear a scarf over your outfit as an accessory. This will not only make your outfit look more chic, it will also cover up your boobs and make them look smaller.

scarf floral scarf outfit

  • KEEP LAYERS DOWN TO A MINIMUM – layering is a great style trick to use if you want to add volume to your silhouette so if you want to avoid drawing attention to your big bust, try to keep the layers down to a minimum (or avoid them if not necessary).

minimal layers chic outfit minimal layers

  • LET LOOSE – skinny jeans may be flattering for your hips and your behind but they tend to make your boobs look even bigger so to make your bust size look smaller and to balance out the silhouette proportion in your outfit, wear looser jeans like boyfriend jeans or straight cut jeans. It would be even better if you wear them low with a front tuck on your top.

loose jeans mint top loose jeans and shirt

  • GIVE ROMPERS A TRY – you may think jumpsuits are the last thing you need in your closet but the truth is that it’s the other way around. Rompers are great for big busted women because they’re blousy but not so much that it skims over your chest and makes your bust look even bigger. Jumpsuits have the sam effect, too.

romper jumpsuit outfit romper outfit wrap style

  • WEAR A-LINE / FLARE SKIRTS – the flare on flared or A-line skirts can help balance out a heavy top so if you are a big busted babe, these should be in your wardrobe. They’re perfect for adding just the right touch of playful, flirty girliness to your look as well.

aline dress aline flare skirt


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