Stephi LaReine: Cute Outfits to Wear with Rainbow Colored Hair

If you’re a redhead, blonde, or brunette, you’ve probably heard your whole life which colors look great on you and which colors don’t look flattering for you. The same dilemma applies to different undertones such as cool tones and warm tones. Having artificially colored hair in rainbow palette is a bit tricky in dressing it smart without looking like a clown. Keep on reading to be inspired on what outfits to wear with a rainbow colored hair.

white lace dress

A rainbow haired style blogger, Stephi LaReine is a photographer and a graphic designer in the North of England that takes her legacy in the art world through her fashion style. With a passion for all things such as art, photography, and fashion, Stephi is indeed a great inspiration to be stylish and chic and you may also be inspired to wear a rainbow hair with a fabulous style.

neutral outfit with rainbow hair

A great reality is you can wear whatever color you want, no matter your hair color. The keys are balancing proportions and choosing the right shade that best compliments your features. Determining your skin tone could make a big difference in deciding which outfits look best on you whether you got some rainbow colored hair. For a brief tip, if your veins on your wrist look greenish, you have a warm skin tone. On the other hand, if they’re blue, you have a cool skin tone. Then, as a rule of thumb, if your undertone is warm, stick to colors that have warm undertones. And, if your undertone is cool, stick to colors that have cool undertones. As these colors will compliment your skin the most even you got that rainbow hair.

black turtleneck top with all black outfit cute yellow bag with nude outfit minimalistic outfit

For a timeless style, you may want to stick with neutrals such as white, black, brown, and gray to keep the statement on your rainbow hair. Neutral shades desaturate your entire look, and let your rainbow colored hair do the talking. Depending on your undertone and skin tone, black and gray shades can wash you out. Usually, those that can wear black successfully are those with light to medium beige complexions with slight pinkish to blue undertones. On the other hand, beige is another neutral for where the color takes away the warmth in your face. So, you have to weigh which neutral shade looks great on you.

pastel blue coat pastel outfit with rainbow hair

Also, pastel shades in solid colored pieces are great to complement your rainbow hair styles. Tonal dressing from head-to-toe such as wearing pastel top to bottom or wearing pastel just on top will still make a room for your rainbow hair to shine.

bohemian outfit pink top with denim jacketred striped dress striped top with coat

Wearing classic prints is another way of bringing some fun to your style whether they’re in neutral or striking color as they will compete with your rainbow hair color. Complimentary colors might feel a bit risky, but this color combination won’t betray you. Think of classic prints like polka dots, stripes, checks, animal print and such in a muted or bold shade to keep your style colorful. Rainbow colored hair will be illuminated against a red or pink outfit. On the other hand, classic prints in neutral shade will keep your style tamed.

colorful floral top colorful funky outfitflamingo print dress funky blue dress funky red dress

If you’re brave enough to show off your funky and colorful style, then sport some funky prints in bold colors. Like Stephi, you may match the shade of your prints to your rainbow hair like a floral print top, fruit prints, word prints and such.

animal print bag and bootscolorful scarf

If you want to keep your rainbow hair on the spotlight, then sport some colorful accessories or even neutral ones with classic prints such as hats, bags, shoes, scarves, and belts.

Whatever your style preference, this makes you one-of-a-kind as your taste and personality say a lot on how you dress and wear your hair. Be brave to be you and be artistic and colorful with a rainbow colored hair.




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