Statement Earrings that Will Complete Your Look

Sometimes, no matter how many accessories you have on, you still get the feeling that your look isn’t complete until you realize what you’re missing: a gorgeous pair of earrings. Though they’re a small part of your outfit, earrings can have a huge impact on your overall look. With the right pair, you can make your outfit look more elegant, edgy, feminine and stylishly bold. If you’re looking for statement earring that will complete your look, read on below and check out the gorgeous pairs of earrings we’ve found.

  • Ear cuff – ear cuffs are perfect if you want to add a nice, edgy touch to your look. Cuff earrings can be as street style and affordable as plastic ones or as extravagant as Swarovski encrusted (a la Cara Delevingne) ones. Of course, it goes without saying that the cheaper ones are more ideal for everyday looks while the fancier ones are for dressier outfits.

cara delevingne ear cuffs

crystal ear cuffs gorgeous ear cuffs jessica alba cuff earrings

  • Tear drop earrings – tear drop earrings make a great addition to any look because of their interesting shape. These are often made of either pearls or gems so they’re great for fancy looks / outfits. If you like drop earrings, you can opt for those, too, with the tear drop part dangling off your ear and swinging with you as you move.

crystal tear drop earrings green tear drop earrings pearl tear drop earrings

  • Chain link earrings – another really fun way to add more edge to your look is to wear chain link earrings. Of course, these are worn only on one ear and the other ear is usually just adorned with a simple stud. Celebrities like Nicole Richie are often seen wearing this statement earring and it’s what gives them that kickass look that’s also rather chic.

ball and chain link gold chain link earrings nicole richie chain link earrings

  • Bar earrings – don’t you just love how everything is going back to being simple nowadays? Simple sophistication is what we all love and that’s what you can exactly achieve with a pair of statement bar earrings. These statement bar earrings are great if you simply want something to stand out from your whole look without necessarily drawing in lots of attention towards yourself.

fancy gold bar earrings gold bar and gems gold bar earrings simple gold bar earrings

  • Double ended earrings – double ended statement earrings are quickly gaining popularity today, thanks to Dior’s Mise en Dior line. These earrings, though very modern, are also very classy-looking. They’re the kind of statement earrings you’ll want to wear to a rather formal event. They’re not obnoxiously loud or big but they are stunning enough all on their own to make a statement.

double sided spike earrings mise en dior earrings stud and spike double sided earrings double sided earrings

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