Spring Trends to Look Forward To

Spring is still months away but we’re already seeing so many new trends on the runway that’s been really getting us excited. After all, spring is one of the best times for fashionphiles to get creative with colors and all. It’s like the break we’ve all been waiting for after so many months of dark winter clothing. If you’re just as excited as we are about all the things that spring has in store for us, check out these amazing spring trends to look forward to.


  • SUEDE – suede is a popular fabric for shoes, especially in winter, but they make great pieces of clothing items, too (and stylish ones at that). Suede is going to be one of spring’s biggest trends and we’re not just talking about suede boots here. There are so many ways to wear suede, from crop tops to skirts to loafers and even accessories.

suede drawstrng jogger

suede outfit suede shorts outfit

  • PLATFORMS SHOES – looks like stilettos are going to be resting for a while this spring because platform shoes are going to take center stage yet again. To be honest, we’re really excited about these making a comeback because they’re less painful and more tolerable compared to other kinds of height-boosting heels.

platform shoes in white platform shoes outfit platform shoes

  • GLADIATOR SANDALS – and if heels aren’t your thing, perhaps you’ll be a little more excited about another spring trend that is gladiator sandals. We haven’t seen much of these around in quite a while, i think it’s going to be exciting to see what kinds of twists and turns our favourite designers put on this one.

gladiator sandals in gold gladiator sandals in tan gladiator sandals

  • FLARED PANTS – another trend that looks like it’s going to take a break in spring is the skinny jeans trend. Flared pants were on every runway for spring this year and we already have outfits in mind that include these babies. Flared pants look good on just about everyone so make sure you pick up a pair or two this spring.

flared pants outfit flared red pants flared jeans

  • KHAKI – spring is the best time to get brave and bold with all the colors in the world but in case you’re looking for something neutral to tone down all the crazy hues, you can turn to khaki. Khaki is another trend that’s going to be big in spring and it’s one of the easiest to pull off, too.

khaki pants outfit khaki outfit khaki jacket

  • PRETTY HEADGEAR – spring isn’t usually the time to have headgear on but this year, it’s going to be big so you can forget about your braids and your updos and start thinking about what hat to wear for your outfit on the first day of spring.

spring floppy hat spring headgear turban spring headgear


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