Sophisticated Ways to Wear Gray

Gray is one of those neutral hues that go so well with anything. But sometimes, we see gray as a dull and boring alternative to black and white. Looking for sophisticated ways to wear gray? Keep on reading for some styling tricks.

metallic silver belt with white dress

metallic gray bag with chic outfit gray belt with white outfit silver gray accessories silver gray lace up shoes with chic outfit

If you see gray as a dull color for your stylish style, you may start incorporating gray-colored accessories or simply opt for a metallic version of the shade for a touch of glimmer to your style. Metallic silver or gray is versatile enough to go with any color but works best in black and white backdrops. You may think of metallic silver or gray belts, structured bags, clutches, lace-up shoes, classic pumps, and even boots to add some sophistication to your looks. Also, silver jewelry like a pair of statement earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and cuffs are great for spicing up your simple looks.

peter pan collared dress butterfly design on black dress elegant evening dress metallic silver dress printed gray dress with pumps

A dull gray is not what you want to go for in a party. But, you could still be party-ready in gray if there is a hint of metallic to the fabric like something glossy or glittery that will do the trick. Silver or gray-colored dresses and gray-colored prints on them can be great. For a glamorous look, you may opt for a gray chiffon dress that’s perfect for formal parties or a sequin gray dress that’s perfect for a girls’ night out. For a dressy but not over the top looks, go for muted gray version of the shade in collared dress or tea dresses to keep your feminine vibe in a laid-back way.

gray coat with jeans pastel gray coat tartan coat with edgy outfit

Coats are a classic staple that look great in a classic color like gray. It can dress up your simplest and even distressed looks by throwing on them whenever you like it. It exudes sleekness and being polished especially if the garment is structured and tailored. Darker shades of gray go best with black and white while a lighter version of it goes best with pastel shades like sky blue, light pink, pastel yellow, lavender and such.

metallic gray top with skinny pants gray top with dress pants gray top with chic skirt gray shirt with structured blazer and dress pants gray blazer with skinny pants gray blazer with edgy outfit gray blazer with dressy outfit

Classic outerwear and tops like cardigan, structured blazer, bolero, suit, tank top, and shirt look great in a gray shade. Just keep everything in neat, polished, and a classic feel to maintain your sophisticated vibe. Fabrics like satin, linen, chiffon, silk, cashmere, velvet and such are elegant silhouette for any ensemble. You may wear them with dress pants, good fitting jeans, flowy dresses, miniskirts, pencil skirts, and even shorts. Gray is a dull color so in order for you to not look swamped in your outfit, pair those slouchy gray clothes with something fitting or tailored. Just skip those distressed, sloppy, and acid-washed styles as it would only take the sophistication away from you.

gray tulle skirt with corset top metallic gray pants with casual top metallic gray pants with chic top metallic gray skirt with loose top

For your bottoms, you may think of leather trousers, dress pants, sexy shorts, skinny pants, miniskirts, tulle skirts and such for a dressy and feminine style. Skirts in shorter lengths are a great match to conservative tops like sweaters, turtlenecks, pussy bow blouses, basic tee while skirts in longer lengths, as well as pants look best in tank tops, plunging necklines, off shoulder tops, halter tops, backless tops and such for a balanced yet sexy vibe. Just feel free to play with your ensembles to create the looks you’re aiming for.

monochrome outfit gray fur jacket with metallic gray pants borrowed from boys' outfit

If you’re thinking of going monochromatic in gray, you may keep the interest going by opting for contrasting fabrics like silk, leather, cotton, fur, linen, velvet and such. If you’re wearing a gray tank top and a pair of silver metallic trousers, you may add some sophisticated touch more by topping your looks with a fur jacket. By doing this, you keep your style fashionable yet sophisticated.


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