Six Fashionable Films to Watch with Your Girl Friends

You know you’re a fashion girl when you get excited about a movie not because of the story but because of all things fashion that’s going to be in it. There have been so many movies that we’ve watched just because we wanted to see all the gorgeous and fabulous shoes, dresses, purses and accessories that the characters wore and those were one of our biggest sources of inspiration, whether you admit it or not. If you’re planning on doing a girls’ night in for the weekend, why not check out (maybe re-watch) some of these fashionable films to watch with your girl friends? Some of these you may even find on Netflix!

  • The Great Gatsby – the retro vintage look has been one of the biggest trends lately and if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration on recreating retro vintage looks, nothing is better than watching The Great Gatsby. The women in the movie did an outstanding job in combining the glamour of the 20s and the elegance of the 70s.

flapper dress the great gatsby

the great gatsby fashion inspo the great gatsby outfit the great gatsby

  • The Devil Wears Prada – if the title isn’t glitzy-glamorous enough to convince you that you’ll see lots of fashion inspiration in this film, I don’t know what will. This film doesn’t only satiate your fashion goddess’s craving for stylish outfits, it also gives everyone a good look at what goes on inside the perfectly chaotic world of fashion.

anne hathaway dress the devil wears prada emily blunt the devil wear prada leather outfit the devil wears prada the devil wear prada outfit the devil wears prada accessories the devil wears prada anne hathaway the devil wears prada meryl streep the devil wears prada outfit

  • Confessions of a Shopaholic – if you’re in for a good chuckle, this fashion film is certainly the best one to watch (and rewatch. Over and over again. Yep.) You might even relate to Rebecca “Becky” Bloomwood (played by Isla Fisher), the lead character in the film who just couldn’t seem to get enough of all things designer and fancy.

confessions of a shopaholic green scarf confessions of a shopaholic fashion from condessions of a shopahoilc shopaholic bridesmaids dress yellow outfit confessions of a shopaholic

  • Annie Hall – Diane Keaton stars in this film that sparked the ‘borrow from the boys’ trend back in the 80s. If you’re ever in need of some inspiration for taking on the menswear for women trend, go ahead and watch this film. It has everything from neckties, vests, baggy pants and fedoras and I’m sure you’ll be a pro at the trend by the time you finish watching it.

annie hall bnw annie hall aniie hall outfit

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s – of course, when we talk about fashionable / fashion films, nothing comes close to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This has had a lot of iconic brands, scenes, characters and looks that we still enjoy to this very day. The film is brimming with sophistication, showcasing everything from that classic emblematic Little Black Dress (the whole shebang, actually), to various designs from Hubert de Givenchy himself to even the most posh ‘too-crowded’ cocktail party among the best of the best-dressed. And the best part? The opening, of course, which is rather erudite: Audrey Hepburn getting off a cab, heading to a Tiffany & Co., pulling out coffee and pastry from a paper bag and staring at the window.

audrey hepburn breakfast at tiffanys breakfast at tiffanys opening breakfast at tiffanys

  • Sex and the City –No other film made us want those blue Manolo Blahnik heels more than Carrie Bradshaw wearing it for her civil wedding ceremony with Mr. Big (the same shoes Olivia Palermo wore on her wedding, by the way, which just goes to show how much the film influenced fashion girls). What’s even better about this film is that all four leads had different fashion styles, making the movie a definite fashion gold mine.

crop top carrie bradshaw style carrie and charlotte sex and the city sex and the city outfitsjp fur coat sex and the city sjp outfits sjp sex and the city

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